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Do you wish you can learn more about the X-men in a more fun and interactive way? Maybe even discuss or share with fellow fans the juicy news you had just found out?

Well, I am happy to announce that you can do all of that here in one place! You can even publish your very own personal mutant profile, latest news, interact with your friends by posting comments, all in your own mini danger room. I even created one for myself - Click here to view my danger room!

Do I hear you say "what is that"? Good question … Your creativity is the limit because you can personalize your danger room any way that you would like to. You could even add in your own slide show of your favourite romantic love scenes of your favourite X-couple and more! Isn't that fantastic? Click here to get one now!

Here you will also find short and helpful articles discussing about them ranging from the latest movie franchise to tips on how do you know what kind of comics to subscribe to, and much more! Biographies and picture gallery of your favourite X-man characters are can also be found here and waiting for you to read them at your own pleasure.

Bottom line is that you will be receiving a different kind of X-man experience all in one place!

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Therefore, to thank you for subscribing I am giving you a FREE X-men Characters E-book and another e-book called the Wonderful World of Comics by Dave Gieber who was very kind to allow me to share his e-book with you.

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