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Code Name: Altra

Your Gender: Male

Country: India

His Superpowers:
ALTRA has the potentiality to control and create water molecules by increasing or decreasing the intermolecular space between them around his atmosphere thus enabling him to undertake control all the three states of matter of water i.e ice,water and water vapour.

He can the assemble or create and even become:
Ice: Becoming ice enables him to freeze anyone or anything.
Water: Becoming water enables him to control any aqueous liquid around him
Vapour:Becoming vapour enables him to float himself in air and to convert himself in steam/gaseous water making him to almost disappear in his surrounding atmosphere.

His Role:
I play the role of being a benefactor for the the right cause of humanity and co-existence among the mutants and the humans because i know and i have experienced that everyone has a good side and a bad side in them( Both mutants and humans)
Tell us a bit about yourself:
I chose the name ALTRA because in one of the regional Languages in INDIA it means "Avatar of Humanity and survival".

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