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Country: United States

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Her Superpowers:

At a place called "the tower" by local Lakota Native American tribe, are wastelands- it's bleak, nothing grows but sagebrush- a cursed ruin of a once 12 foot tall tower and stone structure where Ari (pronounced AR- REEwas brought as a girl, kept in the darkest tower's earthen bottom floor and trained via blacken tortuous means to be an assasin- BUT Ari is a natural EMPATH. At night she runs thru the snow to escape her fate to the Lakota, but has to always return or be punished. An associate of Striker learned of a ceramic polymer stronger than adamantium, and like Wolverine, her skeleton was infused, but instead, blades of different forms instantly jet out from her arms, attached to her wrists where she can manouver at will anything from a Katana to a Machete, the polymer is liquid till hits air, so at will the blade can be 4 inches to 3 feet long on each side, she usually crosses them in from of her- she can also form animal like claws on her hands and feet so she can climb easily, she has stealth, has no scent, cannot be sedated or brainwashed via extensive training and her mind can not be read.

At night when she would escape to the Lakota, she was named "Ari" meaning angel because she had such empathy, her body had curative properties for herself and others, in her heart she would do anything for anyone, they admired her extensive knowledge of Martial arts she trained hard and trained them. Magically, She was given wolf like markings around her eyes to increase her visual acuity by Anno, and various black tribal markings on her back arms and eyes. Anno was the tribe's medicine man who never had children so considered her greatly- he even allowed her to train as a Lakota warrior. One day she became old enough at the tower to do her true bidding- killing people as assigned or missioned as the assasin she was trained to be, always kept as an animal, in darkness, in a cell, in the tower- till she was need for a mission.

That night when she could escape to travel the miles in the snow, with great resistance to cold and pain, to see Anno and the tribe, he smelled the blood on her hands and had to confess that all her life was formed to be only one thing- to be a perfect weapon. The BIG problem in her life, she could never get past taking a life because she's a natural Empath- every mission she is sent in with the threat the tower will kill the Lakota if she fails to kill. Anno, grieved that Ari could never tell him what her life was really all about and that she would be using Lakota sacred ways to kill people especially in the manner which she had to. Knowing Anno had to set an example, he had to curse her somehow and bannish her from the tribe. With his last breath Anno separated Ari, his angel, from the assasin within in which he named Takum, the angel of death. Ari would have pink to violet eyes in her normal life, but when she became serious and had to kill, her Lakota eyes would turn dark blue, her hair would fall onto her her face, and Anno cursed Takum to be BLIND when she killed, when wheeling her blades made stronger than adamantium, she is completely blind.

BUT ANNO had such love for his Ari, that it was more of a blessing that Ari didn't have to see the act of death. Anno also could not hate Takum because he knew she was taken and made into what she was, he still loved her so that he gave her Lakota sight, even though she was blind- she had a sharp radar sense of spacial coordination. He finally split the two into this one person, Ari knew of Takum, Takum knew of Ari, Ari could use her blades at anytime- but once Ari's eyes turned blue and her Lakota markings darkened, you knew she was changing to Takum and the blades would soon swing in unison against something dark. But the worst part of Anno's curse was that Ari could never use her blades to take her own life- bannished, her tortured mind returned to her tower cell at daybreak thur a crevace and into her small earthen cell barely wide enough so that she could not swing her blades wide enought to cut thru the steel- there a new punishment, lesson, training excercise or routine practice of ultimate control the beings at the Tower had over her- what ever you would like to call it- I would call it just torture- this new horror awaited her during the only 2 hours of daylight that hit the tower- she was forced to canibalize a human arm.

As a ploy, when presented to her, just as many ploys she used to get one's trust before death, she seduced the guard by saying she would rather "eat" him. When the lock clicked, Takum flew at his neck with a blade, and made thru the men of the guard like butter- she passed the altar room and up the stairs not leaving a soul alive. She returned to the doors of the altar room, out of breath and scared to death- this is all she has known all her life and the commands for her scars, her obedience, her flesh, her rape, her torture and all things that formed her into the perfect weapon she was- the being who commanded her lie behind that door, unaware of the quick bloodbath outside. Takum could not come to her aid and in a twisted moment, Ari knew she was ready to kill the only family she had left......

Ari knows how to hunt, she is a survivalist, resistant to weather she binds her chest, wears loose fitting shirts, usually men's oversized T's that come down to hips where she is used to a Lakota warrior suede wrap tied usually with suede G sting underneath- she will wear any oversized man's belt she can find which she is efficient at making holes in, and cutting thru the leather to hide things like a flint and small knives- she carries no possessions because she can easily enter houses and instantly take a blanket if need. She is always barefoot or wears mocasins because at an instant, she will have to feel the vibrations of the earth, which she learned in her earthen cell. She never knew her origins, she thinks of them often because she has strange gold to light brown messy hair, larger than normal canine teeth, an extreme sense of smell and sight, a slight line of hair running down her stomach.

She's shy and self conscious because she always thinks she's a freak because her upper body is larger than her waist and hips, she is muscular but sleek- her hips are strangely straighter than a woman's which she hides under these oversized belts and she's barren- her life has always been a rush of strangers, and when she gets seriously injured, she tends to lose memories. All she wants is home but her fear of being closed in always causes her to run as far as possible, sometimes returning, sometimes, not. In the world, she does not exist: not on paper, nor can she stay in one place nor have any kind of a normal life because assasins don't exist, adding to the anonimity that drowns her. The most hurtful thing ever said to her was that she was geneticly engineered, and implanted into an animal, not a human- that her mother was a wolf.... of course this comment was said by a jealous woman because Ari is unbelievably beautiful.

Hope you like my story!! It's actually copyrighted and a shortened form of a short story I wrote that centered around Ari- so she's taken, sorry, and patent pending!!! hand's off! ;)

This character I took and this is how I continued the story into the Xmen world:

Ari wanders south into NY state, it's winter, she's tired- even though she has healing powers, they are being depleted by the cold. She's met the wrong people, at wrong places and her empathy causes her to feel what others feel, but since she's divided, her heart is trusting but her training makes her cynical and she can be deathly afraid of men unless she can FEEL that they are not evil and won't hurt her- since the Lakota curse, she can see into people's hearts. Finding that there is nothing in the world, She tries to kill herself several times with her blades, but unfortunately instantly heals- so instead, she tried to freeze herself to death in the dark.

By chance, she had stumbled near the Xmen estate and near enough to the road that Logan, walking towards the estate about a mile away, finds her and carries her to the estate. She's revived and very shy among them but Logan talks to her the most- she looks young but seems much older. She hides the fact she has blades and plans to leave as soon as possible... till Logan accidently grabs her by the wrist, which freaks her out because men held her down by her wrists, and she turns her blades on Logan, who in turn, catches them with his.

Her Role:
Undiscovered Mutant
Tell us a bit about yourself:

I wanted to creat a perfect counterpart to Wolverine- I can draw and am in the process of drawing Ari, I got my stories copywrited about her- there is alot of me in her, alot of feeling and turmoil- I lived with depression and fibromyalgia all my life so I always felt like I was in a jail cell, looking out into the rest of the world that went on by without me. I also sympathized with Tony Stark because I'm a Pharmacist, but got struck down with this illness and can no longer work, so I work on art, and making people feel better about themselves. I can give till it hurts, I trust too much, but I did grow up in one of the most dangerous cities, Newark NJ- then experienced culture shock when I moved into the mountains- sort of like wolverine.

I went from learning how to exist in the city and survive, into the quiet and solace of nature that overpowered me- went from ferrel to calm, and found many answers in nature, Toltec, Native America, the Earth and the WOLF. I also was a female in a man's world of music and took so many chances in bands with people I didn't know- played guitar and bass for 20yrs! (started young!!) and like Logan, I don't grow old- I'm sure no one could guess my age! So enough about me- I now gotta find a picture, but it will probaly be an avatar because I always feel a picture is worth... yeah you know the rest.

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