Bad or Really Bad?!?!

This whole young X-Men idea in my opinion is going to be a flop. Is that anything like the old cartoon Tiny Toons originating from the classic Looney Toons, or maybe like the kid scooby doo?

I dont know about you but i would like it if they stuck with how they were doing it originally. They should show you the fate of professor Xavier. And what about Magneto? Wolverine was successful because of X1 X2 and X3, not to mention that everyone loves Wolverine and Hugh Jackman playing him.

Not this Jubilee and ShadowCat. It sounds to me like they are trying to bargain off a cheaper movie and still expect the same results. How could some no name set of actors even compare to the performance of such experience and talent to Halle Barry and Hugh Jackman?

Hey i got an idea why don't we have Hannah Montana morph into Storm. And how about the afro dancing kid from high school musical turn into Wolverine? He can sing and do the moon walk whenever he wants his claws to come out, Yea... i see it now, (DEEP GUYS VOICE FROM THE MOVIE TRAILERS SPEAKING)"Prepare to be marveled, GENGIS KAHN gives this 2 thumbs waay up, X-MEN......THE MUSICAL!!! All in all this movie is going to be a total bomb in my opinion.

I'm disgustingly disappointed that people that are capable of making such good movies like the X-Men series and many more, would shoot themselves in the foot with this proposterous plan.

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