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My Review: X-men Banshee

Well, my first impression of him was that he was a nice bloke from Ireland with a pretty strong Irish accent, which I thought was really cute and sets him apart from the rest. Also his more mature age makes him stand out from the other X-men members when he first joined the X-men in the issue of Uncanny X-men #94.

Banshee joins the X-men Banshee Joins the X-men

I envision him as someone who is really laid back, but ready to react and respond when the situation arises. He is dedicated to both the women that he loves and believes that he will be a great father to his daughter, Theresa. Most importantly, I felt that he was also a great addition to the X-men when he first joined.

His supersonic sound wave powers was also very unique as most of his special abilities derive from the special sound waves that he is able to generate which ranges from not only flying but also to using it as a form of attack.

And even causing others to become unconscious! Now, how cool is that? He is also calm in handling critical situations and will be able to make a good leader even at times he might have a lapse of judgment especially in times of grief and despair.

Generally, I still think that he makes a great leader. After all, every one of us makes mistakes too right?

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Did you know that Banshee only joined the X-men in the issue of the Uncanny X-men #94, even though he first appeared in Uncanny X-men #28 attacking the X-men?

Basic Profile:
Code Name: Banshee
Real Name: Sean Cassidy
Other Alias: -
First Appearance: Uncanny X-men #28 - January 1967
Romance Partners:
  • Maeve Rourke - Deceased Ex-Wife
  • Moira MacTaggert - Deceased Ex-Lover
  • Tom Cassidy/Black Tom - Cousin
  • Maeve Rourke - Deceased Ex-Wife
  • Theresa Rourke Cassidy/ Siryn - Daughter
  • Superhuman vocal cords, throat and lungs to generate hypersonic sound frequencies
  • Ability to fly
Team (Past & Current):
  • X-Corps - Current
  • Generation X - Past
  • Interpol - Past
  • X-men - Past
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Brief History:

Banshee and his cousin, Black Tom, grew up together in the Cassidy Keep in Ireland and kept his mutant ability a secret from everyone. He graduated from Trinity College in Dublin with a Bachelor of Science degree, was the heir to the castle and estate of the Cassidy Keep accompanied with a small fortune.

Upon graduation, he became a detective for the Interpol, which is an International law enforcement organization. He also married Maeve Rourke despite competition from Black Tom and soon rose to the rank of Inspector. Life for Banshee was smooth sailing until he left for one lengthy secret mission for the Interpol. While he was on a mission, Maeve realized that she was pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl called Theresa.

Unfortunately, during her visit to Northern Ireland, there was a terrorist bomb attack and the explosion killed Maeve. Secretly, Black Tom rescued Theresa also known as Siryn and raised her as his own child.

When Banshee found out about his wife's death and without any knowledge that he has a child after his mission, he was devastated and left the Interpol to become a detective for the New York City police department. Not long later, he drifted into a life of crime. Banshee has an encounter with the X-men when he was controlled by a mysterious Mutant Master with a headband that he wore that influenced his moral sense.

Banshee attacks the X-men Banshee Attacks the X-men

Banshee meets Moira Banshee Meets Moira

With the help of the X-men and Professor X, he managed to break free of the headband and grateful to Professor X's kindness; he decided to join the X-men.

Through the X-men, he has managed to find true love again with Moira MacTaggert when she was invited to be the housekeeper by Professor X for the New X-men formed with members such as Banshee, Colossus, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Storm and Wolverine.

Not long later, he also managed to be reunited with his daughter, Theresa.

After which, he undertook on the role of a mentor to a younger team of mutants also known as Generation X. However, his life took a turn for the worse again after Moira was murdered by Mystique and could do nothing but to drown his sorrows in alcohol. He decided to leave the X-men to create another organization called X-Corps to help maintain order amongst the mutant population.

He enlisted the assistance of Mastermind II to help brainwash former mutant villains to join the X-Corps and work towards his goal without considering the deadly alliance he had established. With Mastermind II working secretly with Mystique, she tried to take over the organization. Luckily, Banshee managed to discover her plot in time to stop her and was injured by Mystique during a battle against each other.

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Banshee had a great life until a recent turn of events that has completely changed his life around. He believes in true love and is a very faithful man when it comes to relationship. However, his romantic relationships have so far ended up being killed in the process. He is also very loyal to those who has shown him kindness and is someone who will go all the way for his friends especially in need.

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Superpowers Limitations:

Banshee causing others to become unconscious Banshee Superpowers

Banshee has a normal human strength of a man his age and size, however, what makes him outstanding is his superhuman vocal cords, throat, lungs and his athletic body. His ability to fly is supported by the supersonic sound waves he can generate to help him move through air.

He can also use his supersonic sound waves to shatter solid objects, focus his supersonic sound waves to cause others to become temporarily unconscious, deafened.

Banshee supersonic powers break windows Banshee Supersonic Powers

He also has a resistance to intense sound and has superhuman sense of hearing. However, his superpowers also have its limitations. Extensive use of supersonic powers can cause pretty serious injury to his vocal cords.

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His Likes:

He loves both his ex-wife, Maeve, and his ex-girlfriend, Moira, very much. He also greatly enjoys smoking his pipe which you will see him smoking every now and then. Sometimes a good pint of beer also helps to relax him as well.

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