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Code Name: Black Cat

Your Gender: Female

Country: United States

Her Superpowers:
I would like to be a person that is half cat. She has the caracteristics of a black cat, a tail, golden eyes, and cat ears. She has two forms: the form where she can turn into her half cat form (i described) and her full cat form where she can change into a black cat. She can run fast, has great balance, and is good at gymnastics and fighting.

Her Role:
She is sort of inbetween she is on the X-men team but is swayed at the thought of getting back at the humans that hurt her. She wants peace but thinks she needs to show what she has by example.
Tell us a bit about yourself:
She has folden eyes and slick black hair she wears a black short sleeved shirt and jeans with black sandals. Her codename is symply because she dosen't know her real name and because of her powers.

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