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My Review: Callisto X-men

I first came to know about Callisto in the 1990s X-men cartoon show and then I was still a kid. My impression of Callisto upon her first appearance was that she is an outcast from society and had a very distinct eye patch on her right eye.

Callisto X-men in Marvel Encyclopedia Marvel Encyclopedia

Being curious, I decided to read more her character because I thought she was quite different kind of X-men villain - I just needed an excuse to buy more X-men comics! Whistle Face

She is very agile and works well with a rod or knives as her choice of weapon, because I have seen Callisto during the X-men cartoon show in the 1990s using them. It was during the time when she had a dual with X-man Storm. She has a very strong personality and stands up for what she believes are right.

She may also seem to be very domineering because she kidnapped Archangel from the X-men to make him her husband.

But as you learn more about her, you will realize that she is actually very kind-natured. Why?

  • Help other mutants with a similar fate as hers
  • Provides a safe and secure haven

Also, I thought that the relationship between Callisto with X-men Colossus and her brother was a little weird. Anyway, she is one of the X-men villains, which I have seen quite often.

Or maybe she happened to appear in comics that I had bought? Come to think of it, I think she paid my comic dealer to promote comics to customers that had her inside. Of course not, she is fiction! Ha-ha …

Callisto X-men threatening her captor Callisto Threatens her Captors

In the first episode that Callisto was seen during the X-men cartoon show in the 1990s, Cyclops (Scott Summers) was actually the man she kidnapped and planned to make him marry her. However, the X-men comic displayed Callisto actually kidnapping Archangel and NOT Cyclops.

Callisto was among the X-men characters in the latest X-men 3 movie, The Last Stand. And she was acted by Dania Ramirez. Click here to view pictures of the X-men …

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Basic Profile:
Code Name: Callisto
Real Name: Not Revealed
Other Alias: -
First Appearance: Uncanny X-men #169 - May 1983
Romance Partners:
Relatives: Not Revealed
  • Superhuman senses such as sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.
  • Skilled in hand-to-hand combat
Team (Past & Current):
  • Gene Nation - Current
  • Morlocks - Past
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Brief History:

Before Callisto from the X-men became the woman that you see today, she used to be young and beautiful. But an event has caused her to be blind at the right eye and leaving her to be disfigured. She realized that the society had no use for a once beautiful woman. Unable to accept this harsh reality, she decided to go underground where she can avoid stares of others.

In the 1950s, she decided to start her new home at a huge abandoned military tunnel built beneath Manhattan. She found another mutant, Caliban, who has the psionic ability to find other mutants. She realized that she is not the only mutant who seeks for an escape from reality. With help of Caliban, she gathered a large community of mutants. Soon, they came under her leadership and became known as the Morlocks.

One day, she met the X-men. Immediately, Callisto must have X-men Archangel. She kidnapped Archangel with intention to make him her consort, in other words, her husband. However, the persistent X-men went after their lost X-man member and had a fight with the Morlocks. Eventually, Storm and Callisto from the X-men had a dual with Callisto.

The winner will get to keep Archangel and leadership of the Morlocks. Although Callisto had fast reflexes but she was no match for Storm. Without doubt, Storm won and claimed the leadership of the Morlocks and Archangel. However, Callisto continued being the leader during the absence of Storm.

Not long, the Morlocks became victims of the Maurauders' genetic massacre because they were genetically useless. And this attack was commanded by Mr. Sinister. However, Callisto managed to escape and found a safe place to recuperate from her injuries.

Callisto and Colossus together Callisto and Colossus

Later, she encountered Colossus (Peter Nicholas) who was not with the X-men then, and both soon developed a romance.

Colossus did not know who Callisto was because she was transformed into a beautiful woman by Masque. Masque decided to betray Callisto and revealed the truth to Colossus.

Colossus defeated Masque and both decided to start a new life together. But it was not to be. They separated and went back to their former lives.

After which, she and other remaining members of the Morlocks joined believed to be dead, Mikhail Nicholas (Colossus's Brother). And both became romantically involved and set-up a Gene Nation.

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She realized that true beauty should not be based on appearances and that is something that others can never take from her. She is very concern for mutants who are outcast by society because they are unable to blend in together with humans.

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Superpowers Limitations:

Before she had any tentacles, Callisto already has super human sense of smell, taste, hearing and sight. But with her new tentacles, her superhuman senses have been heightened to a whole new level.

In addition, she usually spotted with knives and rod as noticed by me. And because she is very agile in her movements, she does exceptionally well in hand-to-hand combat.

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Her Likes:

She loves to help those mutants who are in need and has a strong passion for helping other fellow mutants who are detested and avoided by others. She looks out for those who are not as strong as she is.

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