X-men Comic Book Art Guide

Collecting original X-men comic book art is the highest level of being a collector.

It is the dream and desire of every X-men collector to own their very own original artwork especially done by a renowned artist such as Dave Cockrum, Jack Kirby, John Cassaday, and more.

Therefore, I will be providing a crash course on the essentials on purchasing an original piece of comic book artwork.

For those who are new to collecting such original X-men art, this will still be very useful as well. Do not think that the contents here are only for advanced collectors.

Below are some examples of Panel art and I will be mentioning some of the major differences between the various types of artworks:

Alpha Fight 8 Page 5 Wolverine & Vindicator II Original Artwork

What determines the price?
Categories of original comic book art
Some simple tips for you

What determines the price?

The prices of comic book artworks do vary, but there are a few major factors that do have a considerable impact such as the popularity of the character, when it was done and the artist as well.

All of these factors make quite perfect sense when you think about it carefully.

For example, a comic book art done on Wolverine would definitely cost more than any artwork featuring a random mutant in the X-men comic series.

The artists themselves are also quite important as well!

If you compare the price of the artwork done by Jack Kirby as compared to John Cassaday, the former will definitely fetch a higher price because of his name - So you can think of this as though it is a popularity contest. Lighten up

Lastly, an original artwork will also fetch a higher price especially if the artist is already deceased. Why? It is quite simple because there will no longer be any great work from him/her anymore as compared to an artist who will still be producing more work.

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Categories of original comic book art

There are quite a few types of original art such as cover art, panel art, splash art, and sketch art in the market. So it can be quite confusing and these are all briefly explained below.

Cover Art
As the name suggests, cover art is the actual cover of an original comic issue. I am sure you must have noticed that the art on the cover are usually very intense, dramatic and outstanding; therefore, it is no surprise that it is the most type of expensive original comic book art amongst the others. And X-men cover arts are usually very sought after by most of the X-men collectors.

Panel Art
Panel art also known as page art is a page from the comic book issue. If you are just starting to collect original comic book art, then this will be a good way to start your collection. Just to let you know that the costs of a panel art featuring a fighting scene is definitely going to cost more than a page featuring a character doing nothing. Interested to look at some examples, click here.

Splash Art
A splash art/page is usually about 1-2 pages inside an issue and based on the number of comics I have read, most of them are huge battle scenes and sometimes love scenes (something for the ladies) as well. The cost of a splash art is second to that of a cover art, but definitely costs more than panel and sketch art.

Sketch Art
You can usually get artists to do a sketch art for you in comic conventions and because of this it is the most inexpensive kind of original comic book art that you can collect. In terms of future investment, this might not be great as compared to cover art of course; however, you also have to consider that cover art costs so much more as well.

I think obtaining at least a piece of sketch art is really cool because you could partly personalize it by letting the artists know what specific details you like to be more prominent, etc. So it is definitely still worth collecting it!

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Some simple tips for you

After finding out a bit more about the pricing and different categories of original artworks, let me give you some simple tips that you can use as a rule of thumb. Firstly, do not bite off more than you can chew. In other words, set a price range of how much you are willing to spend and then start searching which to purchase.

After all, it is pointless to find the most valuable and alluring comic book art when you have no cash in your wallet. It will only bring you much heartache! Let's get started

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Secondly, make sure you find out who the artist of your artwork is before purchasing and this is especially important if you are buying it for future investment purposes. As I have mentioned above in how to determine the price, the fame of the artist does have an impact on the selling price.

Lastly, do your homework! What do I mean? Well, do some research on the artist and artwork that you will be purchasing because you do not want to overpay. I have had friends who had first hand experience with such incidents. It was very infuriating because it was completely avoidable; therefore, it is best to get a second opinion from someone who has some experience collecting such comic book art.

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