Is Comic Book Collecting For Everyone?

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Well, I am no expert when it comes to comic book collecting. Unless you count the fact that I buy Overstreet's Comic Price Guide, which is a very useful book to get when you are going to dive into comic book collecting - click here to get a soft copy version now!

Basically, I am here to share with you my experience about collecting comic books. I first started trying to collect X-men comic books when I was about 13 years old.

Unfortunately, I did not know much about collecting comic books and didn't know that there are so many things to learn. Luckily, I looked it up on the Internet (yes, I am a computer geek too then ). geeky face

In forums, everyone recommended Overstreet's Comic Price Guide and so I bought a copy. However, I realized that I am not suitable to be a comic book collector. Why? Simple because collecting comic books is a hobby that requires a lot of time, patience and most importantly money!

It is a very different experience from reading your favourite comic books on the weekends as compared to collecting them. Being a comic book collector is comparable to being an art collector or antique collector.

What does that mean? It means that you have to spend a lot of time grading, pricing, organizing, and much more.

There will be lesser time that you can spend on reading comics because collecting comic books will take away a lot of that. If that thought makes you frown, then you should reconsider.

Most importantly, collecting comic books is a serious business! For example, if you have managed to get the first issue of the Uncanny X-men issues published in September 1963 but if it is not properly graded or kept it might not fetch as much money as it is suppose to.

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The main thing is to continue enjoying reading comics and do not let the hobby of collecting comic books to take away too much of your time as you know it will. Do you still feel encouraged to collect comic books despite my experience?

Then I highly recommend that you read this book written by my friend, Dave Gieber, who was very kind to give us an introduction to the world of collecting comic books. However, this great book is only given to my subscribers only - Click here to subscribe now!

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As i am no expert in comic collectiong, I recommend a website, Comic Detectives, to share their passion of comic collection with you! They deliver a wealth of free value-added information and services for your comic collection. Feel free to publish your own article and ask them for help if you need any!

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