Choosing Cool Movie Posters of the X-men

Are you interested to start collecting some cool movie posters featuring the X-men such as the latest X-men 3 movie posters, etc?

There are quite a range of movie posters being sold out in the market. So what is the purpose of this article?

It is very simple. I want to make sure that you are paying the right price for what you are getting for. What an angel I am right? Innocent face

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Probably I am not an angel in the eyes of the dishonest sellers, who gives you less than what you pay for and that is not playing fair at all! Anyway, I can go on forever about them but let us just continue what you are here for.

Before I continue with the range of cool movie posters being offered, what is a poster? A poster could include either textual or graphical elements or even both. It is usually printed on a large piece of paper and most people would hang it up on their walls or keep them for collection purposes.

Browse through some of the cool movie posters that I have found below and do you think you are able to differentiate what type of posters they are?

I believe by the end of this article, you will have a clearer idea on what are the movie posters offered in the market. Most importantly, to pick out some cool movie posters to beautify your walls. Enjoy! Happy Face

The terms or jargons vary from seller-to-seller. Therefore, I will be discussing some of the most common categories and they are:

Digital Reproductions:

  1. Master Print Posters
  2. Movie Print Posters
  3. Black & White Photos
  4. Colour Photos
Original Productions:
  1. Original Posters
  2. New Release Original Posters

Master Print Posters

They are usually printed on card stocks also known as cover stock. Are you trying to figure out "what is a card stock"? Well, I had the same question when I first came across that printing jargon (term). Unless you are into the printing business, what you need to know is that card stock basically refers to the thickness of paper the card is printed on and it is a higher grade of stiffened paper.

In general, card stocks are usually used for printing high quality brochures, postcards and in this case a good pretty decent poster quality. Examples of Master Print Posters are shown below:


Typical size (inches): 11" x 14" or 11" x 17"

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Movie Print Posters

The main difference between a movie print poster and a master print poster is the type of paper used. In this case, thick poster papers are used for printing and are usually cut by hand. This is a relatively good alternative to owning the original poster, which may cost so many times more. Unless you are buying the movie poster for collection reasons, then buying a movie printer poster is quite sufficient enough to display it on your wall.

Some of examples of Movie Print Posters are:


Typical size (inches): 27" x 40"

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Black & White and Colour Photos:

As the title suggests, the only difference between them is that one is in colour and the other is in black & white.

They are usually in the size of 8 inches by 10 inches and are generally not expensive. They are good for collection, but unless you buy a bunch of them you are not going to fill up the empty space on your wall.

Personally, I recommend black & white pictures if you like to go for the classic and antique feeling; however, this can be very subjective and differs from individual-to-individual.

What I would do is to buy at least 10 pictures of probably the same movie or the same theme, and paste them on my ceiling so that I can view them when I lay in bed before I sleep.

Some examples:


Typical size (inches): 8" x 10"

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Original and New Release Original Posters:

Again, these two are basically the same except that one is a newer release and the other has already been in the market for quite some time. I believe it is common knowledge that new release posters are generally more expensive unless it is compared against classic original posters like maybe Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Usually, the old original posters are much more difficult to find and there are not being produced anymore. Whereas for new release original posters, it is generally easy to find and you could probably get it quite easily.

Typical size (inches): 27" x 40" or 27" x 41"

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