Fantastic X-men Movie Costume Ideas

Do not have any good costume ideas for a costume party or Halloween? A piece of advice is to never settle for less!

Why should you settle for the common and boring costumes that everyone has seen so many times before? You should be the star of the crowd and I have some great suggestions for you.

Since the production of the three X-men movies, the X-men have gotten an even bigger fan base than ever before. So why not dress up as one of your favourite X-men movie characters like Jean Grey, Cyclops, Wolverine, Gambit, Storm, Rogue, Iceman, etc.

Probably, your local costume shops only have the cartoon version of X-men characters or only have sizes for children.

So if you are an adult, you must be wondering "how do I dress up as an X-men movie character"? You either make one yourself, which is very tedious or you can just purchase one.

Great-looking X-men costumes you can wear
Affordable X-men accessories to wear

Do you have any great X-men costume ideas or know where to get the best bargains? Maybe you wish to share a picture of yourself in your favourite X-men costume? So share it with us now ...

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Great-looking X-men costumes you can wear

Pictures say a thousand words and so before I continue, below are some pictures of the great X-men costumes which look very stylish indeed!

X-men First Class Magneto Costume X-men Cyclops Costume X-men Cartoon Comic Rogue Costume X-men Iceman Costume X-men Dark Phoenix Costume X-men Jean Grey Costume X-men Storm Costume X-men Shadowcat Costume X-men Wolverine Costumes X-men Rogue Costume

So what do you think about the above X-men costume ideas for adults? They look almost identical to the X-men characters in the movies right? If you look closer, they even don the "X" logo buckle on their waist for some costumes. Simply fantastic! Click here to buy one now!

Apart from dressing up during Halloween, I have seen pictures of many X-men fans dressing up as their favourite characters during the Comic Conventions.

I would have gladly put up a picture of myself in a costume, but unfortunately I do not have the opportunity to participate in comic conventions at where I am residing.

Another thought that might be going through your mind is would it be possible to purchase such great X-men costume ideas or would the costume costs you too much?

Personally, I do not mind paying more for a good set of costume as long as it is worth every single penny. However, I am not asking you to pay tons of money for them as well.

You can consider purchasing mid-range priced costumes instead of the top range priced costumes. Going to the right places will surely help save you a lot of money - Click here to find great and affordable X-men movie costumes now!

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Affordable X-men accessories to wear:

Do you have your own X-men costume already? Well, in that case there is really no point buying a whole new set. But what I strongly recommend is to get some accessories to match your X-men costume ideas.

So what kind of accessories am I talking about? If you are dressing up as Wolverine, I suggest that you should wear his very well-known dog tag. I am sure you have seen him wearing it in the movies and even in comics as well.

Otherwise, you can consider getting your very own X-men buckle and buttons that dons the "X" logo to compliment the costumes of the other X-men members. Trust me, it is the small details like the "X" buckle and buttons that makes a difference to your X-men costume ideas.

Below are the accessories that I think will look great with your costume!

X-men belt buckle and cufflinks set X-men Wolverine Dog Tag 1 X-men Wolverine Dog Tag 2
X-men Cufflinks

If you are dressing up as Wolverine, then you definitely should get one of this fabulous looking pair of claws!

X-men Wolverine PVC Claws

Do not forget the head gears if you are dressing up as female X-men characters such Jean Grey, Storm, etc.

X-men 2 Jean Grey Wig 1 X-men 2 Storm Wig 2 X-men Storm Headband 1

Bottom-line is ENJOY dressing up as your favourite X-men character!

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