Couple Costume Ideas - Special Edition!

I wish to share some of my couple costume ideas with everyone and this is epecially done for the love birds who would like to go as a couple in X men costumes, i believe i have some great couple costume ideas for you. There are a lot of other couple costumes you can pick of course, but you are here for the Xmen costumes!

So let us write down a list of popular and hot couples we know of in the X-men. The couple list below is not exhaustive and might be different from X-men comic series or even in the X-men movies, so don't get offended if your favourite couple below is not in the list. Confused Face

  1. Cyclops and Jean Grey
  2. Gambit and Rogue
  3. Shadowcat and Colossus
  4. Iceman and Rogue
  5. Wolverine and Storm
  6. Havok and Polaris
  7. Vision and Scarlet Witch

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I think i have listed enough couples for you to work with or at least to get the ball rolling. I personally think the tricky part is to know where to find the costumes and accessories to complete your costumes. It is essential that we turn our couple costume ideas into reality!

For the nuts and bolts of the accessories like X-men belt buckles, etc, and how to make custom costumes, i personally highly recommend that you go through Homemade Wolverine Costume article in which i shared tips on how to make your custom costume - click here to view Homemade Wolverine Costumes article.

Lucky for you (this is not a sales pitch Let's get started), but i have been adding quite a handful of new costumes to my store ever since i started in late year 2007 and i believe not many other e-stores or even physical shops have the range that i do. So below are some X-men couple costume ideas for you to think about.

Unfortunately, i do not have all the x men costumes for all the couples mentioned, but you can request for custom design if you are keen. Let me share with you some of the couple costume ideas from the X-men to give you some inspiration. There are a small handful of e-tailers that do sell some rather good X men costumes, but it can be rather pricey. If you don't mind splurging, then i sincerely encourage you to do so.

The Xmen couple costume ideas here are suitable for you if you are budget conscious or willing splurge a bit, but not burn a hole in your wallet. Lighten up

Let us proceed to view the list of couple costume ideas mentioned above ...

Still would like to have more ideas on what X men costumes you can wear? Be sure to go through my article on costume ideas for more inspiration - click here to view my costume ideas article. Otherwise, you can also jump straight to my e-store - click here to proceed to my e-store - click here to proceed to my e-store.

Just to share one of videos i made on the X-men couple scenes a while back ago, i think this would be appropriate for me to share with you. Here's the link to the video in my Danger Room - click here to view video

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1. Cyclops and Jean Grey

I believe this is clearly one of the most popular couples that you would consider as one of the couple costume ideas on your top list. They are quite consistently displayed as a couple in the X-men series. So this is one couple costume ideas that we can't miss out!

One of the best part about dressing up as Jean Grey, the ladies get a chance to choose to dress up as Jean Grey, Dark Phoenix or in her earlier days as Marvel Girls. Both are just as great!

If you noticed carefully in each X-men movie, her costume varies. In X-men 1, her X men costume piping or threading colour is in green similar to X-men Rogue's costume. In X-men 2, her X men costume piping or threading colour is in red. Lastly in the X-men 3 movie, her costume was that of Dark Phoenix when she has transformed. If you have not noticed, then it's time to start watching those movies again at home!

The girls shouldn't be getting all the fun with dressing up should they? Leather jacket never seems to go out of style. So if you intend to dress up as X men Cyclops, you can also consider wearing the leather jacket design worn in X-men movie 2 with a good pair of washed out jeans. That is all it takes!

X-men Cyclops Costume X-men Cyclops Costume 2 X-men Jean Grey Costume X-men Rogue Costume X-men Dark Phoenix Costume

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2. Gambit and Rogue

So let's head on to the next great couple costume ideas or golden couple: Suave/charismatic X-men Gambit and the charming Southern belle also known as X-men Rogue. Even though, she has the ability to extract the life essence out of her victims, the guys seem to be attracted to her like bees to honey. It is no wonder why because she is very attractive, but all beautiful ladies are dangerous right? Just kidding...

I have seen this couple together since the 1990s X-men cartoon show while growing up as a kid, so this is one couple i highly recommend as well - click here to view my article on the 1990s X-men cartoon. As most X-men comic fans or even those who are not X-men fans would know that these two are a great couple!

For X-men Rogue and Gambit, i suggest dressing up as either the X men movie or cartoon version to match together. A mix of match might not complement the couple costume too nicely. The Wolverine movie version of Gambit however does not show much flair in his costume design (even in Gambit's first debut in the Wolverine Movie), which is why i made my own Gambit costume (with special request from a friend) by just changing the piping colour to pink and use the base design of the Xmen costumes you see here.

You can play around with some accessories for the X-men Rogue Cartoon Costume by maybe adding a short brown jacket and tie a headband around your head as shown in the picture below. You will truly look like a sassy southern belle or your other half will!

If you wish to go for the X-men comic version of Gambit in his costume, below i have included a reference for you as a good starting point. The outfit is quite different from the other male X men costumes because Gambit wears an additional brown trench jacket at knee length apart from the additional one piece costume inside (half pink on top and black below). Of course, let's not forget the headband and his irresistible charm on the ladies.

X-men Rogue Costume X-men Cartoon Comic Rogue Costume X-men Rogue Cartoon Costume 1 X-men Gambit Cartoon Costume 1

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3. Shadowcat and Colossus

Another cute and young couple, X-men Shadowcat and Colossus, has great potential to become another Cyclops and Jean Grey. So watch out for them. In some of the X-men comic series, each of them have another partner but i personally think that Shadowcat and Colossus make a cuter couple.

Shadowcat comes across as being immature for her young age, but she has definitely grown and matured to be one of the more permanent members of the X-men crew. Colossus is nicknamed the man of steel because of his ability to transform into steel, but he has a heart of gold. The ironies of them all, so never judge a book by its cover. In this case, never judge a person by his or her appearance.

I can't find any good costume sellers out there with Shadowcat costume, but if you take a look at the picture below from X-men 3 movie, you can see that the piping colour on the costume is pink. In terms of design, i believe it is similar to one of the costumes for Rogue and Jean Grey displayed above. Simply just request to change the piping colour and there you have it, your own X men Shadowcat costume!

X men Colossus costume is quite unique that he is one of the few characters i know that wears a vest in the X-men movie series. The only other character i know that wears a vest-like upper wear would be Beast. So if you choose to go as Colossus, it would make you look rather outstanding and of course a man made of steel!

X-men Shadowcat Costume X-men Colossus Costume 1

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4. Iceman and Rogue

Just to protect myself from readers that say i am all about the X-men comic series and know nothing about the movies, well here's another compatible couple we see on the big screen. None other than Iceman and Rogue! I felt that it was good to include some cute romantic scenes of students falling in love unlike the two boys (Cyclops and Wolverine) fighting over Jean. Let's get started)

For more costume ideas on X-men Iceman, you can consider adding a bandana headwear that you see him wear in X-men Cartoon shows or comics. Since it is not possible for you change your costume into cold block ice, you can still wear the bandana together with the X men costume based on the X men movie.

Use the pictures below as references if you are unsure on what bandana i am rambling about. I don't think i need to display pictures of X-men Rogue costumes again as they are already displayed above - click here to view X-men Rogue Costumes.

X-men Iceman Costume X-men Rogue Costume

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5. Wolverine and Storm

Finally, we are down to the fifth and last couple costume idea that i would be discussing about.

How can we miss out X-men Storm and Wolverine? No way! In some of the X-men comic series, Wolverine and Storm had some kind of romantic relationship. I can't exactly recall the series off the top of my head, but they definitely had a romantic relationship at least once!

Right now, you must be thinking "that's impossible"! You are also probably right if you base your knowledge solely on the X-men movies where they had no romantic chemistry at all. Anyway, i think both of them might make a cute couple or has the potential to be one? So let's get down to the costume bits since this is the main topic of discussion. On fire

For X-men Storm and most of the female X-men characters, they usually have a bigger wardrobe than their male counterparts for some reason. Girls just like to dress up, don't they? So it is not surprising that Storm has had many different types of X-men costumes across a multitude of X-men comic series and movies as well.

If we follow the X-men movie costume, she dons a nice leather one piece costume with a cape at the back. The cape at the back differentiates her costume from that of Rogue or Jean Grey. In the X-men cartoon or comic series, it is no surprise to see her wearing some accessories like her favourite headband (shown below).

The headband would go nicely with the non-X-men movie costume and gives off a very nostalgic feel of her, but then again it depends on what costume you choose. She looks good in short or long hair, but the hair colour should preferably be silver or at least all white. I have seen quite a handful selling X-men Storm wigs and they can easily be found on eBay (accurate from the time i am writing this).

As for Mr. Logan also known as Wolverine, he does have quite a variety of costume to wear. From the well-known yellow spandex material costume with black stripes to 2 piece leather X-men costume to the casual leather jacket, he does have a lot of choices! So you can really mix and match on how you want to dress up as Wolverine in this case with accessories such as the head gear, claws (stainless steel vs non-stainless steel), gloves, etc.

I did an article about making your own custom X-men Wolverine costumes and probably won't go into much detail here - Click here to view my article on Homemade Wolverine Costumes - The Nuts and Bolts.

You might also be interested in reading one of my earlier articles on costume ideas to spark some inspiration, even though it might be as detailed as the couple costume ideas i am going through now. Click here to view costume ideas article.

X-men Storm Headband 1 X-men Storm Costume X-men Storm Costume X-men Wolverine PVC Claws X-men Wolverine Costumes X-men belt buckle and cufflinks set

I truly hope you found my suggestions on how to dress up as one of the X-men couples helpful so that you and your counterpart can have a great time dressing up together. It doesn't have to be a one person activity! There are a lot of accessories or different type of themes you could add on to your list of couple costume ideas! You can even mix Batman from DC comics with Storm or Captain America with Polaris, etc. You are only bounded by your own imagination!

If you need more advice or wish to discuss with me or others about the various types of X-men couple costume ideas, feel free to post your comments below. Lastly, i would like to invite you to share the many great couple costume ideas that you have in mind! It could be anything! It is absolutely up to you to be creative and fun.


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