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Custom Prop Request Inquiry

Would you like to receive a FREE consultation or price quotation about making your own custom prop?

Why Choose Us? Simple, our experience!

Our designers have experience making custom costumes, wigs and props since year 2006 for Japanese Cosplay conventions and television shows. We allow customers like yourself to choose the material if you have any preference and we only use top quality materials to ensure your satisfaction. You will be involved in the custom making process and able to provide valuable inputs to designs to make your perfect custom prop come to life!

Most importantly, we offer them at affordable prices! Lastly, we finish the production of your prop on time and keep you updated. Pictures would be provided for confirmation before we actually custom request to you! Small modification(s) can be done for free on request, but this is based on a case-by-case basis as a huge design change is not possible.

We will do our utmost best to ensure a smooth and fantastic experience for your first or many to come custom wig.

Ready for a Free Consultation? Let's proceed ...

Please do fill up as much information as possible as this will help us to process your request faster. If more information is required, I will contact you shortly! I promise.

Please use the form below to reach us -- we'll get right back to you and you will receive an autoresponder almost instantaneously! The AutoResponder verifies that you typed in a valid e-mail address (3% of users do not!).

If you do not receive the autoresponder within a few minutes, please re-send the question -- it means your e-mail address was incorrectly entered or that our reply was incorrectly filtered out by your ISP. Click here to whitelist Just Marvel X-men and receive emails from us ...

Custom Prop Request Inquiry
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Alternatively, you can call me at: +6590106454

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