Cyclops Costume 2009!

Hey Everyone!

I recently purchased a Cyclops costume from the amazing design team here at "Just Marvel X-Men" and am so pleased that I did! I really wanted an authentic looking costume from the X-Men movie franchise for Halloween this year, and I am so happy that I decided to go through this site to get mine!

Their customer service was impeccable! I was updated almost daily and never once was left in the dark as to how my costume was coming along. I was able to consult with the design team about the measurements to custom-fit my costume to my body and was even able to put in my two-cents regarding some design elements!

This is a costume that I will have for many years to come and was definitely worth the money! I am still in the process of gathering a few final components to my costume, (gloves, boots, etc.) and can't wait until this October when I can unveil the costume to all of my friends! Thanks so much to Valerie and her amazing design team! YOU GUYS ROCK!

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