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The name says it all! Your very own mini X-men Danger Room! You can create your own customized character and decide what superpowers you like to have, decide your own X-men codename, upload your own X-men profile pictures, and much more! It is so much fun that i even created my own danger room! Click here to view my danger room ...

You can almost do anything you want as long as it is related to the X-men and of course no vulgarities, etc. You can contribute whatever you do not see being shared on this website. It is just like having your very own mini danger room. How cool is that? cool face

Some ideas to get you going for your own danger room:

  1. Have you joined any X-men comic convention?
    If I see you nodding your head, then you can upload pictures of some of the X-men costumed characters, share videos on the events, etc.
  2. Any comments or complaints about the any X-men comic issue, movies, etc?
    Publish your own review and be your own editor! Let other fellow X-men fans know if any comic issues are just rip-offs or simply worth every penny spent. Receive ratings and comments from other fellow X-men fans!
  3. Show us your X-men costumes!
  4. Brag to us your latest addition to your X-men collection!
    Nothing beats getting a good buy and receiving eyes of envy from others.
  5. Share with us on how to organize your own X-men theme party!
    Have you ever organized one before and wish to share your success or maybe even failure? Either way, it is fine. Even if you have not done so before, you can also share what you think will be useful.
  6. Do your own slide show!
    Too many pictures to share with everyone? Why not do a slide show! It is so easy to do. All you have to do is just to insert the code once you are done editing your slide show. Show us your favourite scenes or even create your very own X-men comic issue! Click here to see what i have done in my danger room.

The list can go on forever! It is very simple really … As long as it is related to the X-men, so get your own danger room now! The possibility of your danger room is almost limitless. You can receive ratings, comments, and more!

Click here to get your own Danger Room NOW!

Once your danger room is up and running, you can start immediately. If you should have any doubts regarding your danger room, please read through our FAQs as your question might have been answered already. If you are still unable to find an answer, please contact me.

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