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Code Name: Dhoruba

Your Gender: Male

Country: United States

His Superpowers:
Ability to manipulate the Earth's weather, whether it be regionally, nationally or globally telepathically.

His Role:
My powers manifested from racist remarks, school taunting and years of physical and emotional abuse. I appear normal when I'm calm, but when I get agitated my blue-black hair turns to snow white, my electric-blue eyes and body pop with little bolts of lightning. Emitting electricity, either in high amounts or lower levels depending amongst my distaste for the adversary. Then my eyes are like miniature crystal balls that foretell what my enemies will wreak of what they have sown when summoning my powers. It is imminent, nothing they can do but face the fate of Nature's fury, the wrath of Heaven.
Tell us a bit about yourself:
Tell us a bit about yourself such as why you choose your codename, you could even describe yourself if you want. Well I wrote an idea for the new X-Men movie production in 2010, and it tells a little about my character, but I made the character from my life's story and the things I would've done if I were someone else. Almost like my alternate ego or vigilante. Yes, I never had any confidence, struggled in school with bullies, even teachers at times, with racism, prejudice, and discrimination.

I was even discriminated against in my own family. You see when I was maybe five or six I got a comic, I didn't know that it was a Storm comic at the time but I remember falling in love with the story and the wonderful art and it wasn't until I watched the first installment of the X-Men trilogy that I really hadn't let the story leave the pages and enter into my world. It was the X-Men movie in 2000 that allowed my mind to process the belief that something like this could happen, that someday homo-sapiens could be homo-superiors.

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