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My Review: X-men Emma Frost
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My Review: X-men Emma Frost

Emma Frost Marvel Encyclopedia

A wealthy, charmer, seductress, intelligent, beauty, are some of the terms that are commonly used to describe her.

Despite her cold and aloof appearance, inside lies a very passionate and committed individual who strives to make the world a better place for mutants like herself.

Maybe, she did use underhand means or unorthodox ways to achieve her aims, but her intention was never evil. Her approach was only different.

Personally, I have always liked her because of her candidness, straightforwardness, and analytical abilities.

She is never afraid to voice out her concerns and does not like to beat around the bush.

And that is very much appreciated because things get understood much faster and easier if all your cards are laid out on the table.

Her intelligence and analytical skills have also helped her to attain high-ranking positions such as being the headmistress and chairwoman of her company and the Massachusetts Academy.

Beauty, brains and charisma, now that is what I call an excellent combination! In love face

Did you know that Emma Frost was the one who constructed a special electronic device for Mastermind to penetrate and manipulate the mind of X-men Jean Grey then?

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Basic Profile:
Code Name: Emma Frost
Real Name: Emma Grace Frost
Other Alias: White Queen
First Appearance: Uncanny X-men #129 - January 1980
Romance Partners:
  • Cyclops - Ex-Lover (depending on which X-men comic series)
  • Winston Frost - Father
  • Hazel Frost - Mother
  • Christian Frost - Brother
  • Adrienne Frost - Deceased sister
  • Cordelia Frost - Sister
  • Steven - Deceased brother-in-law
  • Astral Projection
  • Telepathy abilities
  • Diamond hard skin
Team (Past & Current):
  • X-men - Current
  • Generation X Instructor - Past
  • Hellfire Club - Past
  • Leader of the Hellions - Past
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Brief History:

Despite her young age and middle ranking within the family, Emma Frost has become a major stockholder of multibillion Electronics and Transportation Company.

Her intelligence, great charisma, personal charms and her psionic powers attributed to her early success of being named the chairwoman and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the Frost International.

Apart from her duties in Frost International, she also became the headmistress and achieved the position of chairwoman of the board of trustees of the Massachusetts Academy for grade 7 till 12 education.

Due to her outstanding achievements and beauty, she gained acceptance into one of the most prestigious organizations for the elites also known as the Hellfire Club.

The Hellions The Hellions

All members from this club are very wealthy, well-established and powerful individuals, however, Emma Frost still sees herself as someone more superior than any one of them.

Some members of the Hellfire club such as Sebastian Shaw, who is one of the members of the Club's Council of the Chosen, decided to achieve world domination via economic and political means. And soon Emma Frost became an ally of Sebastian Shaw.

Ultimately, she seized control of the Hellfire club and that was when she became known as the White Queen.

The Hellions The Hellions 2

Emma Frost recruits many talented superhuman mutants to train them at her Academy, where she is the headmistress there. And these students are also known as the Hellions (the picture to the right).

The Hellions have crossed paths with the X-men on multiple occasions such as one incident where she almost managed to kidnap Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde) but was stopped by the X-men.

But there was one particular battle against the X-men that almost rendered her powerless and almost killed her. After which, her school was added to Professor X's growing Xavier Institution for the young and gifted.

Not someone to concede defeat very easily, after she regained her powers she took control of the academy and decided to train a new breed of mutants also known as Generation X.

X-men vs Emma Frost X-men VS Emma Frost

However, due to some unfortunate events, she had to disband the Generation X and close her Academy. In the end, she joined the X-men and is currently a teacher in Xavier's Institute. Now, she fights alongside her most trusted friends who were once upon a time her enemies.

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Her motivation for joining the X-men was because she believes that it is only through this talented group of mutants, would she be able to achieve peace and equality for both mutants and humans. Ultimately, she hopes to live in a life where mutants are no longer persecuted for their special powers, no longer marginalized and exterminated, due to the public's fear of them.

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Superpowers Limitations:

X-men Emma Frost has been gifted with telepathic abilities, which allows her to access other people's thoughts, project her thoughts to others, plant illusions into other people's mind and release her astral form.

These abilities mentioned here is also similar to a small part of Professor X's abilities - click here to know more. However, Professor X has more abilities such as the skill to locate mutants, which is amplified by the use of the Cerebro helmet you see him use so often.

X-men Frost Superpowers Her Superpowers

She can fire psionic bolts of energy, which has no physical effect, but it has a mental effect on her victims, which may ultimately lead to unconsciousness.

In one issue, Emma Frost started fighting against Cyclops mentally when he came to find for the love of his life, Jean Grey, who was manipulated then by Mastermind and Emma Frost.

In worst circumstances, she can even cause her victim to fall into a coma. Another variation of her telepathic powers is the ability to sedate her victims to remain unconscious as long as she continues to keep them sedated.

She is also able to transform to diamond-hard and almost indestructible skin and no one would be able to access her telepathic abilities in this form. To maximize her psionic energy, she is also highly skilled in electronic theories and how to build electronic devices as well.

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Her Likes:

She enjoys being a teacher and a friend to the young mutants of Xavier Institution. She also likes to fight alongside the X-men, who she feels will be able to help her achieve her objective, which is creating a better world for mutants like herself.

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