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Code Name: Ergic
Your Gender: Male
Country: United States
His Superpowers:
I would like to manipulate energy. I could make things run faster, slower or make electrical equipment explode, as well as creating the needed energy in the air. In future years, I could learn to manipulate the energy in a living body. It would take years to master since a living vessel is much more complex.
His Role:
I'm a mutant that gives his allegiance to no one. I serve strictly out of virtue.
Tell us a bit about yourself:
Ergic means exoergic which occurs with evolution or with the release of energy. The name doesn't fit my codename but my personality as well. I can get a job done even when no one else can and I find life worthless without thrill or risk. I do the right thing because I find myself incapable of doing the wrong thing, according to what is unfair or unjust. My sense of humor is sarcasm but I only use it against the enemy. I show the enemy no mercy, respect or fairness. I'm more clever than I am physically powerful but I'm still average in strength. My weakness is when someone insults my intelligence or capability to do something. In fact it infuriates me.

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