Expectations of X-men First Class

by Shan

I'm really excited to know that there's going to be another x-men movie. Although the x-men franchise movies were pretty good, i hoped that this upcoming movie will delve more into the storyline of the core members of Xmen such as Archangel, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Wolverine etc...

i mean these mutants were the first batch of students under Prof Xavier and i think it would be interesting if the movie could focus on their development towards becoming a tight-knitted fighting group of Xmen, rather than simply plunging straight into a storyline that's bombarded with action and over-the-top villians.

I personally felt that the X-men franchise movies paid too much attention to Wolverine's character which might have been a little disappointing to me especially when i wanted to see more of my fave characters such as Jean Grey,Shadowcat or even Gambit. i was sorely disappointed that characters like the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were not even present. (They actually put villains like Toad instead eeek!) (PS: i also did not really enjoy the Xmen franchise's version of Jean Grey because i felt that they characterised her to be too passive, boring and somewhat weak. >.<)Key characters like Storm or Rogue were severely underused XD

Hopefully, the upcoming movie would be able to fulfil my expectations. i know that it's difficult to ask for in-depth characterisation of each and every character, but i do hope that the producers can still strike a balance and give most of the significant characters sufficient screentime. :)

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Apr 19, 2009
Back to Basics
by: Jake

I agree that character development should be more important than the overhyped frenzy over few characters such as Wolverine, etc, that has completely overshadowed other cool characters as well.

I am also a fan of Wolverine, but hey the other characters deserve to have a chance too. After all, the X-men is not just about a few characters. It's about the whole team! I think going back to basics will be a good move for true X-men fans.

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