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Code Name: Fluxx

Your Gender: Male

Country: United Kingdom

His Superpowers:
He is able to generate and manipulate electricity, using it as a weapon, controlling electrical machinery and he is also able to generate electricity based fields. He can use these fields to move objects and himself telekinetically and can therefore fly short distances.

He can absorb power from external sources such as power lines and plug sockets and although he can normally pass for human, if he absorbs a great deal of power for example in battle, his eyes turn white, his hair turns pale blue and his skin glows.

To get by, he has arranged a deal with the National Grid. While sleeping, he plugs himself into the Grid and it siphons off the unneeded power. They pay him handsomely for this service - on a good night he can generate as much as a small power station.

His Role:
Flux generally works alone, but is more than willing to join the team if his specific skills are required. Plus Storm's lightning bolts provide him a nice power boost!
Tell us a bit about yourself:

These were powers that I often imagined having as a child (and if I'm honest, I still imagine in many a daydream now...). I always used to make believe that I was some sort of superhero and this was based on my obsession with the X-Men and Fantastic Four which I discovered through the cartoon series' as a youngster.

I have continued to enjoy these and other Marvel and DC creations into adulthood through the comic books and particularly enjoy collecting and watching Hollywood's adaptations of these classic comics too.

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