Gambit Powers

by Ken

To make his powers easy to control Gambit went to a brain surgeon to remove some of his brain tissues.

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Aug 24, 2010
Gambit origins?
by: JonTheBassist

Well i read it in a very good on-off comic entitled Gambit origins. I think marvel did a whole line of these comics, each issue a one-off giving the basic origin of each x-men character. (or at least some of the more popular ones :)) And yes, mister sinister is apparently a brain surgeon too. What a guy!

Apr 28, 2010
Brain Surgeon?
by: Andrew

He didn't go to a "brain surgeon", he went to Mister Sinister.

Apr 19, 2009
Gambit Powers 2
by: Valerie

That's pretty interesting. Do you have the source so that i can read up more about it? So many variations that it can be hard to keep track of each character as it depends on which X-men series you are reading.

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