Gambit set to appear in Wolverine movie.

by Andrew

As many of you might know Gambit (aka Remy LeBeau) is set to appear in X-Men origins: Wolverine, being played by Taylor Kitsch. However what you might have not known is that Gambit was actually set to appear in the first three X-Men films.

Gambit was removed from the first movie due to his personality similarities to Wolverine.
The ragin cajun was set to have a small cameo in X-Men 2 during the sequence when Dark Cerebro is targeting all mutants. A scene was filmed but was ultimately cut. His name does however appear on a computer screen (it appears when Mystique is hacking into the computer to obtain files on Dark Cerebro).
And finally Gambit was cut from X-Men 3 as Lost star Josh Holloway couldn't play him due to filming commitments on Lost. His busy schedule meant that any ideas of Gambit being in X-Men 3 were ultimately cut. If you listen to the audio commentary Gambit was set to appear in the prison convoy scene.

So there you have it, Gambit will finally appear in an X-Men movie. I can't wait to see those cards of his being thrown!

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Sep 08, 2008
X-men Movie 4 - Gambit is coming
by: Lady V

Thanks for sharing the link and i loved the clip. Now, i am really starting to anticipate for the release of the movie in cinemas. This is definitely a movie you should watch in the cinema.

Anyway, what is life without some drama right? Bickering definitely helps to increase the chemistry in my case.

Sep 07, 2008
about time
by: Anonymous

I agree that his character is no way similar to Wolverine.. they approached their dark pasts with completely opposite attitudes. If they were similar in the film, it was the screenwriters fault. In the comics and cartoons, they were always bickering making for great entertainment. Anyway, I commented that you can see a quick shot of cards being thrown here:

someone filmed the trailer release at Comic Con. It's a short enough bit about Gambit not to ruin the surprise but make you wish it was May 1st. :-)

Jun 14, 2008
Great Information on Gambit!
by: Lady V

I did know that Gambit was suppose to be starred in 2nd X-men movie, but i didn't know that Gambit was not featured in the 1st movie due to similarities with Wolverine. In what way are they similar? Strange i might say ...

I did remember seeing his name on the screen and actually thought they might feature Gambit (i avoided all X-men previews so i did not know what characters were featured).

Anyway, i can't wait for the upcoming Wolverine and Magneto movie!

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