Gambit/Rogue/Wolverine note

by Ali
(Tampa, FL, US)

Rogue and Wolverine together as a couple is a laughable impossibility. (But then again, if you had told me two years ago that Stan Lee was going to be doing an animated series for a spoiled, moronic, no-talent heiress, I would have said the same...)You would have done better to mention Colossus as a more recent romantic interest of hers.

If you were basing your hopes on more evidence than a kiss or two, I might be swayed, but Rogue has, after all kissed many, many other men in the Marvel universe without emotional meaning attached (Not the least of whom were the flamboyantly homosexual Alphaflight member, Northstar, and renowned hero, Ben Grimm, alias the Thing of the Fantastic Four.)and since her face is the only uncovered part of her body usually, it is more effective to try to kiss her opponent than give away her intent by stopping to remove her gloves. Perhaps you may have picked up on the idea from the Xmen movie?

Speaking of the movie, you mentioned that Rogue and Iceman once had a relationship in the comic books before she fell in love with Gambit? While I admit that my knowledge of that period in the comics is shady at best, I do not remember their alleged relationship even being alluded to in the time that followed... Also, that picture of the two of them kissing seemed off. During that period of time in the comics, Rogue was still VERY cautious about fellow teammates and almost always kept her skin completely covered up. In that picture, not only is her midriff bared (VERY out of character) but the drawing style is very modern and doesn't look like it belongs to an artist of the 80's (Which is the time period you were referring to: after Rogue joined and before Gambit did.)

If any of my points are invalid, I would very much appreciate being corrected. (I hate being falsely informed which was what led me to post this comment in the first place.) Please feel free to email me a reply if you would rather keep this discussion private, but PLEASE do not ignore me. Thank you very much for reading this slightly prickly review...

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Mar 26, 2008
Rogue and Iceman Romance
by: Valerie

Wow, thank you for your comments and for taking note of the romance between Ice-man and Rogue. I think i didn't make it as clear as i could by stating that their romance started in Ultimate X-Men #66-69. And the picture is from one of the issues of the Ultimate X-men series. To read more, you click on this link.

Based on my knowledge, i believe that Rogue fell in love with Gambit first as also briefly mentioned in the link provided above.

Indeed, Rogue has had many flings with various superheroes including the Thing from the Fantastic Four and it will be a pretty exhaustive list. What can i say? She is a very attractive girl! =)

I hope i have managed to answer your questions and i have also updated the X-men Rogue profile by adding a note that the romance between Ice-man and Rogue was in Ultimate X-men series.

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