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Hey there! I am glad you are here because it means that you are ready for a challenge. As you know the danger room is where all X-men members go to for training and where they are "transported" to another world. And I know it will be the same for you as this will be an out of the world experience as well.

When you have your own danger room, you can personalize and write about anything you want related to the X-men of course. You get to customize your own character and decide what role you would like to play. Be it a critic, leader, etc.

Most importantly, it is so easy to get started!

Just simply fill up the form below and click the send button. Once I receive your submission and it is approved, I will allocate a room to you and send you the URL via email. Once you have your URL, you can start creating your own pages in your own room, receive comments and ratings from others, etc.

If you do not receive the autoresponder within a few minutes or within a day, please re-send your application -- it means your e-mail address was incorrectly entered or that our reply was incorrectly filtered out by your ISP.Click here to whitelist Just Marvel X-men and receive emails from us ...

Generally, submissions will be approved within 1-2 days. However, it might take a little bit longer should traffic be high.

Get Your Own Mini X-men Danger Room
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