Giant-Size X-men 1 - “Second Genesis!”

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Giant-Size X-men 1 -- 4/5

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My Review:

I recommend you reading Giant-Size X-men 1! This issue is the unofficial introduction of the future new members of the X-men. However, you will only briefly taste their superpowers and origin, and they’re off on a mission.

There is also a twist to the story when they attempt to save the captured X-men and it was something that I did not expect.

A few small arguments happened among the new mutants in between chapters. It is also their first time working together as a team. Therefore, team co-operation is very poor.

Their team leader and original member of the X-men, Cyclops, managed to lead them to secure their first victory.

P.S. Can't seem to be able to find a physical copy of the Giant-Size X-men 1? It is no surprise here and or it might even be too costly, so what should you do? Let me suggest not only reading the Giant-Size X-men 1 but also along with other 496 Uncanny X-men issues.

Don’t you love it when something unexpected happens? For your information, the first print Giant-Size X-men 1 is not easy to find. Before i forget, this is my first review!! Enjoy! =)Happy Face

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Brief Overview:

Mutants from all over the world such as Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Banshee, Storm, Sunfire, Colossus and Thunderbird were recruited by Professor Charles Xavier (Prof. X) to meet Cyclops.

Second Generation X-men New X-men

I managed to upload a picture of them together for the first time, click on the image to enlarge it in a new window.

The captured X-men were rescued by Cyclops and the newly recruited mutants. They attacked and defeated the Krakoa by using Polaris power to push it to space.

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More Juicy Details:

This issue shows how Professor Charles Xavier personally went to sought help from these new mutants. Most of their superpowers and a little of their history were displayed to give you a feel of it.

Cyclops and the newly recruited mutants head to the island of Krakoa to rescue captured X-men members such as Archangel, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Havok and Polaris. After setting the captured X-men free, they realized that the island is alive and wished to feed on their superpowers.

The new mutants will become the new members of the X-men in the next issue. Only Cyclops will stay to lead the X-men, while the original X-men will leave.

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Characters in this Issue:
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Story Titles:

Chapter 1 - Second Genesis
Chapter 2 - “… And When There Was One!”
Chapter 3 - Assault Force!
Chapter 4 – Krakoa … The Island That Walks Like A Man

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Double-Extra Details:
Comic Debut: May, 1975
Number of pages: 36
Writer(s): Chris Claremont & Len Wein
Penciler(s): Dave Cockrum
Inker(s) Dave Cockrum
Letterer(s): John Costanza
Colour Reconstruction Steve Buccellato
Art Reconstruction Phil Lord
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