Going to be an Epic First Class

by Jon

With the new trailers and the media coming out. Ya this one looks epic. And a prequel is best to set right all the strangeness that was the original trilogy. EPIC Success

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Jun 06, 2011
time lines are off
by: Anonymous

Hi Im not a comic buff but a fan of the movies Xmen I just finished the First class movie , It was an excelent movie however,. The time lines are all messed up the movie Wolverine Origines has the professor meeting the children leaving Three mile island standing as an adult and , First class reveals how he was wounded and confined to the wheel chair as a much younger person. Also the professor and Magnito meeting as 17 yr olds and in first class has them meeting as young boys. If your going to make a prequil please watch the other movis in rapid succession.

May 20, 2011
Epic Failure?
by: Valerie

Don't forget there will be a Cyclops Luke. Well, there have been a lot of mixed reviews about the movie even before it is out!

I am a bit skeptical with the content and the characters that were starred and not casted. I feel that the plot should follow the X-men comics, but this is Hollywood.

I guess for X-men comic fans such as ourselves, we must sort of "pretend" it is a whole new story? Let's just wait and see if it lives up or truly failed at the box office. Then again box office hits does not justify it as a hit amongst X-men comic fans.

Let's wait and see folks ...

May 20, 2011
Epic Failure more like it.
by: Luke Parris

I noticed you mentioned you were hoping it would right all the strangeness of the first trilogy.
Have you not noticed that it has only one original member (Beast) in it. This will not right the strangeness of the first trilogy, but only add to the mess that is Xmen on the big screen. Then again that is just me being true the comics as a fan, to someone that has no idea about xmen folklore, and the history and progression of them, then it will probably be alright. And lets face it, these movies arn't made for the true xmen fans, they're made for the general populace, that just want another CGI action movie, and don't care if the storyline is crap, and timelines and characters are twisted.

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