Halloween Party/ Cyclops question

by Merrick

So uh yea I thought this was hilarious. Bout 3yrs go I went to a Halloween Party and this one dude decided to be Wolverine. He had the hair perfect and a pretty great costume, unfortunately it wasn't his night. He was posing for a picture and decided to do the "I'm bout to slice you bub" type pose, and one of his claw things wouldn't stay up. Then it just fell off. I'm not sure if it was homemade, but wow I couldn't stop laughing. I was Freddy Kreuger and actually had that metal replica they have of his claw, but this dude's claw needed that certain image that it didn't provide. So I have this quick question cause I'm dying to be Cyclops for Halloween. Why are all his visors cheap looking and not at all complimentable? I want to be him, but it's hard finding a visor that looks great, and with the costume you guys have, you'd need a visor of equal quality to pull it off. It's what makes him Cyclops...My favourite X-men besides Storm ; )

ps. I lied I have another question. Why isn't he as popular as the other X-men? He's always the exclusive download in current Marvel/X-Men games, or he isn't there at all. : (

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May 13, 2011
Halloween Party/ Cyclops question Comment
by: Valerie

Hi Merrick!

Sounds like an interesting story, i bet you had a big laugh at it. I can only imagine how embarrassing it must have been for him.

Well, i actually used to sell a X-men Visor that i thought was quite good quality but they have stopped production for those. Some of the others available are really quite lousy.

Anyway, I am exploring ways on how i can start making my own Cyclops Visor as i understand it is essential when you are dressing up as Cyclops. I'll let you know when i make one and do provide me your 2 cents.

I did a headband for X-men Storm - here.

Why he isn't as popular? Well, i wouldn't say he is not popular just that each character appeals differently to others. Cyclops is a born leader, no doubt about it but sometimes he sticks to the rules too much sometime.

Probably, in that sense he might not be as appealing as the rebellious and free-spirited Wolverine? That's my take anyway on maybe how others perceive him.

By the way, when you do dress up as Cyclops do send us a picture to share with everyone. You can find some cool Cyclops Costumes i have made: Cyclops Costume 1 and Cyclops Costume 2.

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