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My Review

X-men Havok X-men Havok

Alex Summers, the man who is able to shatter objects with energy emitting out of his body, is indeed one of the original member of the first X-men crew.

He is a very bright lad and willing to fight for the people he loves. Despite his strong personality traits, he always seems to be compared against his brother, Cyclops.

The immense pressure of having to measure against Cyclops or even topping him can be rather tiresome. It is like a dark shadow cast over him and it becomes even more challenging for him to make his mark.

Like Cyclops his brother, he is also very devoted to Polaris whom he fell in love with while being on the same original X-men crew. It seems that the loyalty to love trait runs in the family!

The vibe or impression that I get reading about him in the Uncanny X-men comics led me to think that he is very serious in what he does be it love, fighting crime, pursuing higher education, etc.

I also noticed a trend in Alex getting kidnapped and being manipulated to take over the world (this sounds so cliche Cliche).

He is a great asset to the X-men and I believe has immense potential. I have confidence that he will crawl out of his brother's dark overcast shadow and finally make a name for himself!

Great news! He is finally staring in one of the X-men movies franchise! Click here to read more about our article updates on X-men First Class. Accurate at the time i am writing this, but it seems that Polaris (his long time love interest) might not be included in the X-men First Class movie unfortunately.

Did you know that he is also immune to the optic blasts emitted by his brother, Cyclops? How great is that!

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Basic Profile:
Code Name: Havok
Real Name: Alexander Summers
Other Alias: Magistrate Summers
First Appearance: Uncanny X-men #54 - Mar 1969
Romance Partners:
  • Scott Summers (Cyclops) - Brother
  • Christopher Summers (Corsair) - Father
  • Deborah Summers - Grandmother
  • Jean Grey (Phoenix) - Sister-in-law
  • Katharine Anne Summers - Deceased Mother
  • Madelyne Pryor - Deceased 1st Wife
  • Nathan Summers - Son
  • Philip Summers -Grandfather
  • Rachel Summers (Phoenix III) - Daughter
  • Sarah Grey-Bailey - Deceased Sister-in-law
  • Rachel Grey (Marvel Girl III) - Alternate niece
  • Nate Grey (X-man) - Alternate deceased nephew
  • Nathan Christopher Charles Summers (Cable) - Nephew
  • Absorb cosmic energies from cosmic
  • Generate high powered plasma blasts
Team (Past & Current):
  • X-men
  • X-Factor
  • Genosan Magistrate
  • Brotherhood of Mutants I
  • The Six
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Brief History:

Havok along with his brother, Cyclops, suffered a tragic loss of their parents in an airplane crash. Barely escaping using the airplane's sole parachute, Havok suffered a traumatic amnesia and hospitalized due to serious injuries attained (Click here to learn more about Cyclops brief history).

With his parents dead and his brother, Cyclops, in a coma, he was then placed in an orphanage after two weeks of hospitalization. Alex was adopted by the Blanding family who recently experienced the loss of their son. The failure to face the cruel reality of death of their loved child, they often tried to fit Alex into the image of their son.

Alex grew up just like any other normal boy and It wasn't until during his college years did he discover of his latent mutant abilities while studying geophysics.

A professor called Ahmet Abdol who is a mutant himself abducted Alex and sent to Egypt where he was being experimented on for the benefit of the professor. Little did he know that the person who saves him was his long lost blood-related brother, Cyclops and the X-men.

X-men Cyclops saved Havok Brothers Reunited

During the period of the abduction, his mutant abilities have manifested into something much more powerful which he must learn to control. The X-men taught him how to control his powers and learn how to keep his powers in check.

Powers out of control Out of Control

Havok manipulated by larry trask Manipulated

Soon after, he was abducted by Larry Trask and his sentinels, whose main mission was to eradicate all mutants possible.

He was given a costume that could help control his powers and was then nicknamed as Havok.

During the battle between the X-men and Larry Trask to save Alex, he lost control of his powers. However, Alex regained control once Sauron absorbed the excess energy from him.

Very soon, cupid's arrow hit him and he fell in love with fellow team-mate, Lorna Dane, more commonly known to us as Polaris. However, during that time, she was in a relationship with Iceman. It was only much later did he confess his love to her, only then did they start their relationship officially.

Polaris and Havok decided to call it quits along with many of the other original members of the X-men after the battle with Krakoa, the living island. They enrolled to study geophysics to continue pursuing knowledge learning and at an attempt to lead a normal life without the involvement of the X-men.

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Similar to Polaris, he believes in Prof. X's purpose for the existence of the X-men, which is to protect the homosapiens (aka humans) from homosuperiors like themselves. The unknown makes everyone afraid and this is something he has come to understand when his dormant abilities were awoken during his college years.

From the last few who tried to use him as a weapon or pawn in their domination over the world, he realized that his powers are a great burden that he has to bear. It is therefore necessary for him to keep his powers in check and most importantly learn how to control to use it for the better good.

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Superpowers Limitations:

X-men Havok like Cyclops has a powerful blast of energy superpowers. The main obvious difference between the two brothers would be where the energy is generated from. Cyclops generates powerful blast of energy from his eyes and Havok generates his powers from within his body cells.

His body is also always constantly absorbing and processing the energy absorbed from the environment until the storage reaches maximum. It generally takes him about 17 hours to fully charge his superpowers.

Havok with his superpowers Superpowers Unleashed

Where or how does he generate his powers? In more scientific or technical explanation, he does so by absorbing energy from his environment such as x-rays, gamma rays, etc, stores them in his body. He will then metabolize the stored energy in his body cells and plasma waves are generated.

These powerful plasma waves discharges high heat energy that disintegrates the molecules in the air through these bursts of heat energy. The high heat energy emitted would normally cause objects to shatter, explode and disintegrate. The energy that emits out of his body normally travels at other directions, unless he specifically channels the energy in a particular direction.

Because of his abilities to absorb energy from his environment, it makes him immune to the adverse effects of radiation and heat. Initially, when he came to learn about his abilities, he could not control it and had to wear a special containment suit that acts as a checker, measures his powers and control the output of his powers to prevent harm to others.

Now you understand why he is always the target of kidnaps and used as a weapon in other evil-doers battle to dominate the world? Like what Spiderman always say that "with great powers, comes great responsibility".

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His Likes:

The love of his life, X-men Polaris, is definitely the top of his favourites list. Nothing beats hanging out and in the company of Polaris. He personally enjoys learning to gain more knowledge as he continued to pursue higher education after he left the X-men earlier. He has attained a degree in geophysics to assist in his understanding about his super abilities and how he can better use them for the greater good.

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