Heading towards Capitol Building (To Save A City)

by Mark
(Derwood, MD, US)

Original Comic Art X-Men #23 Page 12 (August 1966)

Story: "To Save A City" - Heading Towards the Capital Building

Editor: Stan Lee ,Writer:Roy Thomas,Penciller: Werner Roth,Inker: Dick Ayers,Letterer: Art Smiek

This has been my favorite for years. One of the only comics in history who has all of the following words on one page about a story to save Washington DC.

"Capitol Building, Constumed Compeers!, Sense of Direction Lead the Way!, Sinister Pairs, Weed!, Dirty Work, Money!, Police, America's Laws are Enacted, Gold, Mutants, Congress-Man!, Strategy Conference, Evasion Course, Blackest Day, High-Flying Angel Streaks, Rejoice, Pot-Shots, Neglected, Doom of the City, Trigger-Finger, Cigar, Gun, Ice."

Also, you can see there were several words which where changed to the following

1st Box - On Sched-ule, Constumed Compeers!

5th Box - No Need to Fly an Evasion Course, This may be the Blackest Day in History!, The U.S.-- Forced to Ransom Its Own Capital

Also, Capital was spelled both ways - 'Capital' & 'Capitol'

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