Help!!!!!The Dark Dragon Force In on my Soul

by Patrick
(United States)

I save many Lives for being a SuperHuman, but one day i become dead and after many years the Dark Dragon Force covers my soul and change my ability into deadly.

My Deadly abilities are:
Can Blow Low or High Intensity Fire
Can Destroy Anything or destruct or regenerate
Can Become a Dark Dragon King

Dark Dragon king:
Can create dark dragons
Can Destroy all mutants
Can Rule the world
Can Teleport Himself on Far Distance
Fit into any kind of planets atmosphere
Can hurt people by the power of the mind

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Oct 23, 2010
Mixed Powers
by: Tommy

Sounds like a good mix of powers from Dragon Age Origins?

Oct 23, 2010
i caint make it stop
by: Anonymous

the dragon in me its just to powerful it wont stop eating alive i fell like every day i burst and caint cantrol it help

Apr 01, 2009
by: Anonymous

So is SuperHuman indestructible? Sounds like a slightly different version to Spiderman's responsibility and i like it!

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