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Code Name: Jinx

Your Gender: Female

Country: United States

Her Superpowers:
Small amount of telepathic ability, mixed with a very large amount of the "power of suggestion". And negatives don't work. If she was to say "I hope it doesn't rain", odds are, it would rain. Same is true if she said "I wish this coal was diamond", as that would also happen. However, her power does have limitations, she can't "suggest" something that the person (or object) doesn't have in its nature.

She also has a very high acrobatic and athletic ability, but that is due to a lot of training with the Circus Arts Academy in her home town.

Her Role:
Undiscovered Mutant
Tell us a bit about yourself:
Jinx has been the family nickname for years. It's actually a shortened form of our last name. However, I am a klutz. Have been for my entire life, even though I spend most of my life doing stunts for the actors who play the x-men in the films. I'm a professional stunt woman, whoose actual stage name is Jinx due to some rather amusing coincidences that happened during countless stunts.

For example, like wires breaking, air rigs going off before they were supposed to, or people (like me) being dropped while trying to do the spiderman wall crawl for a student film.

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