Juggernaught x men ultimate

by Sin-li

Juggernaut x men

Juggernaut x men

Juggernaut x men

This costume was made mainly from cardboard and stuff I can access easily from art shs and news agents.....

The belt on chest is made of strapping and cuff is made from cardboard ,red spots from news agent, fastening sticky tape and staples plus little sawing. The helmet from a black beanie ,cardboard and red cellophane for the red viewer area in black helmet, was very difficult to make.....due to the fact I had designed to accommodate the head piece to fit me according the fact I need glasses to see from.

Plus some website of the juggernaught's costume image view from various angles helped give the info I needed to make this costume. I have asked how much a costume like this would cost for a professional to make, I found it was very pricey! I have surfed the net and seen some home made costumes, they look great.....but sometimes it looks funny on someone with a small frame. So I carefully made this juggernaut to suit my small short body.

I am not a professional or a costume maker, but I use what materials I had at the time.

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