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just-marvel-x-men Newsletter, Issue #02 -- More issues to come!
August 11, 2007

just-marvel-x-men Newsletter
Always providing information about the X-men

I recalled writing my first newsletter not too long ago and now a month has passed already. Time flies! Well, I have to admit I did not make as much updates as compared to the last month.

Firstly, I have been busy with setting up my e-store. Secondly, I was also participating in the Triennial Intervarsity Games 2007 in Hong Kong – Read my side note below if you are interested to find out more about my trip. Lastly, I am now a featured writer of EzineArticles and some of my articles managed to be on their featured list.

As Featured On Ezine Articles

But no worries, most of the articles featured there is already uploaded on my website. Actually, you do read more articles on my website because not all of them are uploaded in EzineArticles.

Nonetheless, I have managed to squeeze some time to make a few updates to my list of X-men characters and also did an article. I will try my best to constantly keep you updated and I would like to announce my E-store is OPEN!Celebration face

Side Note:
I would like to proudly state that the male and female Table-tennis teams from National University of Singapore (NUS) were the champions – if you do not know I am now studying in NUS for about a year now!

Latest Updates


  1. How to Create X-men Personality Tests

Characters Write-ups:

  1. Polaris
  2. Magneto
  3. Iceman
  4. Toad


  1. FREE X-men Characters E-book
  2. just-marvel-x-men E-store is now OPEN

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Brief Outline

-- Articles --

1. How to Create X-men Personality Tests

So are you interested to create your very own X-men personality tests? Today, you are in luck because that is exactly what I will be discussing about. Before you actually embark on your X-men quiz creation journey, there are a few essentials that I think you should have prepared first. That way, it will enable you to create one quickly and easily …

Click here to read more

-- Character Write-ups --

1. Polaris

When I first came to learn about Polaris, the one thing that caught my eye was her striking green hair, which I thought was pretty awesome. I mean how often do you see such a pretty green-haired girl right? She is not only just a pretty face, but she also has a degree in geophysics and has the ability to control magnetic forces …

Click here to read more

2. Magneto

Magneto is probably one of the greatest nemeses of the X-men and vice versa. As much as I am supposed to dislike him because he is "evil", I do admire him for his persistence and commitment towards his beliefs.

Like most villains, he had a sad childhood and traumatizing experience which eventually caused him to conspire with other like-minded individuals against the human race …

Click here to read more

3. Iceman

Iceman is one of the pioneer members of the original X-men back in the old days. His power has evolved along the way and matured a lot too. He could be considered as one of the ladies' man together with Archangel and Gambit as well …

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4. Toad

Toad happens to be one of the first few enemies of the X-men, when he was first featured in March 1964 issue. As I learned more about him, I actually do feel sorry for the emotional and physical pain he went through during his childhood …

Click here to read more

1. just-marvel-x-men E-store is now OPEN

Woohoo! I have managed to finally open my e-store and now I have added quite a few items for sale after much selection. Well, I am quite picky in my selection! Currently, I am selling cool X-men action figures, personalized X-men clocks, X-men subscriptions and much more. Plus, I am now offering FREE SHIPPING to the US!

At the moment, only Paypal payments are accepted but very soon credit card payments will be accepted too. So do not miss out!

Proceed to my store now

2. FREE X-men Characters E-book

I have definitely not forgotten about you. Yes, if you were one of my early subscribers to my newsletter before the offer of my free X-men Characters E-book you are also entitled to one!

Download FREE E-book Now

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