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just-marvel-x-men Newsletter, Issue #03 -- Time to Party!
September 10, 2007

just-marvel-x-men Newsletter
Always providing information about the X-men

Wow, time sure does flies! I was sure that I just wrote the last newsletter not too long ago. Probably because I have been busy preparing my exchange trip to the UK for about 3 months in about a few weeks time.

So not as many updates as I wish I could do, but I will definitely never compromise the quality of my content. Thatís a guarantee! Well, I would like to let you know that I have added more products to my e-store like more cool X-men party supplies, etc.

Alright, short advertisement for my e-store is over! Alright, short advertisement for my e-store is over! If you are interested to collect comic books and new to this, you should get the NEW Free E-book called Wonderful World of Comic Books by Dave Gieber. All my subscribers (yes that includes you) will get to enjoy this great e-book, which I enjoyed reading!

So now let's scroll down to see some of the updates for the past month!

-- Important Announcement --
Now you can share your comments on some of my X-men articles, reviews, etc. This is a new functionality that I have just added to give you the power! Now, you can share information with your fellow X-men fans! How cool is that? Below are some of the pages that you can start adding comments to:

  1. X-men Gambit
  2. X-men Psylocke
  3. X-men Screensavers Made Free To Use
  4. Watch X-men Cartoons
  5. X-men Drawings
  6. X-men Birthday Party Themes & Suggestions
  7. X-men Theme Party Supplies
  8. X-men Articles

Side Note:
Well, just thought i blow my horn a little and let you know that my articles have been featured on EzineArticles As Featured On Ezine Articles Cheers!

Latest Updates


  1. X-men Birthday Party Themes & Suggestions
  2. X-men Theme Party Supplies

Characters Write-ups:

  1. Psylocke


  1. New Products added and major credits are now accepted at just-marvel-x-men E-store
  2. FREE Wonderful World of Comic Books E-book by Dave Gieber
  3. FREE X-men Characters E-book

*Remember to refresh your web browser by clicking the refresh button or click F5 on your keyboard to reload the latest information.

Brief Outline

-- Articles --

1. X-men Birthday Party Themes & Suggestions

In this article, I will be discussing about some of the X-men birthday party themes you can follow or maybe used as a reference. I am assuming that you are here because you wish to learn how to organize your very own X-men party .../p>

Click here to read more

2. X-men Theme Party Supplies

So I guess you are ready to purchase some party supplies for your X-men theme party? Below are some suggestions on how and where you can get some of them. Most of the suggestions mentioned below, I am able to provide a source where you can get them but not everything .../p>

Click here to read more

-- Character Write-ups --

1. Psylocke

I think it is very obvious that Psylocke is very patriotic and will definitely be the first one to stand out and risk her life just to serve her country. That says a lot about someone, doesn't it? It is something very admirable because how many are willing to do that ...

Click here to read more

1. New Products added and major credits are now accepted at just-marvel-x-men E-store

I have also added many new products for sale such as a bigger range of X-men party supplies, your own personalized X-men story book, etc. Plus, I am offering FREE SHIPPING to the US!

I would like to announce that now my e-store is accepting all major credit card payments. Finally!

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2. FREE Wonderful World of Comic Books E-book by Dave Gieber

Are you new to collecting comic books? If you are, then this will be a very helpful book as it introduces you to the world of comic book collecting. Personally, i read it and find it very useful!

I am no expert when it comes to collecting comic books, so it did help me in some ways. Which explains why i am sharing the e-book with you? I would also like to thank the author of the book, Dave Gieber, as he was very kind to allow me to share it with you.

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3. FREE X-men Characters E-book

I have definitely not forgotten about you. Yes, if you were one of my early subscribers to my newsletter before the offer of my free X-men Characters E-book you are also entitled to one!

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