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My Review: Lady Deathstrike

Lady Deathstrike 2 Lady Deathstrike

She was one of the few X-men villains that had caught my attention because of her evident circuit wiring and circuitry on her face/whole body.

Behind all that, she is actually a woman who mourns the death of her lover and further confused by the rationale behind his death. Eventually, there were doubts that had led her into her quest on continuing her father's work in adamantium and human bones bonding.

She strikes me as someone who is very focused on getting what she wants at no cost without much thought and has difficulty controlling her emotions. Each setback only makes her stronger and more determined to do what she sets out to do.

Although she has quite a significant physical resemblance to Wolverine, the thing that sets them apart is their sense of righteousness(apart from their gender of course).

I truly think that she is indeed a worthy enemy of the X-men and poses a possibility of becoming a more deadly threat to them in the near future perhaps.

If you have not watched the X-men 2 movie, I recommend the exciting fight scene between Lady Deathstrike (who was played by Kelly Hu) and Wolverine.

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Basic Profile:
Code Name: Lady Deathstrike
Real Name: Yuriko Oyama
Other Alias: Yuriko Darkwind
First Appearance: Daredevil #197 - Aug 1983
Romance Partners:
  • Kira - Deceased Ex-lover
  • Kenji Oyama (Lord Dark Wind) - Deceased Father
  • Two Unnamed and deceased brothers
  • Highly trained martial artist
  • Indestructible bones created by adamantium molecules
Team (Past & Current):
  • Purifiers
  • Reavers
  • Thunderbolts
  • X-factor
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Brief History:

Yuriko Oyama is the daughter of Kenji Oyama who goes by the name Lord Dark Wind. He was a former Japanese kamikaze pilot during the World War II and did not think he would have survived on his mission against an American battleship.

He survived, however, suffered grievous injuries that became imprints of his defeat not only on his soul but also on his face.

Unable to forget the defeat, he scarred the faces of his three children in a ritual design. He then attempted to bond the indestructible steel alloy adamantium to human bones in hope of creating superhuman soldiers for his country, Japan.

However, his dream soon came to an end when his notes were stolen and it took him many years to rediscover the process.

As the years go by, her lover, Kira, and her 2 brothers were employed by her father's private army. Unfortunately, her brothers were killed during one of her father's service. From then on, she started to resent her father and intends to prevent the same fate from befalling on her Kira.

Daredevil encountered Lady Deathstrike and she guided him to her father's private island in an attempt to get her father killed. Just as Lord Dark Wind was about to kill Daredevil, Lady Deathstrike lashed out and killed her father.

However, what she did not anticipate was Kira's strong loyalty towards Lord Dark Wind and he committed suicide. The loss of her lover has forever changed her outlook on life, she decided to continue her father's legacy and was formally known as the female samurai named Lady Deathstrike.

Spiral transform Lady Deathstrike Transformation

Her first step was to find out who stole her father's notes and all clues lead her to Wolverine who had successfully bonded adamantium with the human bone. She decided to bring Wolverine back for study, but was defeated by Vindicator.

Unwilling to admit defeat, she struck a deal with Donald Pierce who was the renegade White King of the Hellfire Club, and had her turned into a cyborg in exchange for her services to the Reavers.

She was changed with the help of an extradimensional being named Spiral by using the alien technology of Mojo's dimension called the Body Shop. In her transformation, her scars on her face were first healed.

Using her cybernetically improved body, she thought she would be able to defeat Wolverine this time around. However, she was easily defeated by Wolverine. Discontented to wallow in her defeat, she has decided to commit fully to her mission: murder and mayhem.

Wolverine vs Lady Deathstrike Defeated

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She used to have a different outlook on life and resented her father's radical ways, but has learned to accept them after the death of her lover, Kira. She is resolved in continuing her father's work and further improving the adamantium and human bone merging technology.

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Superpowers Limitations:

Lady Deathstrike is a very highly skilled martial artist who specializes in Kenjitsu and other similar samurai skills. She could also wield a katana sword very swiftly before she was transformed into a cyborg.

Lady Deathstrike becomes a cyborg Cyborg

After the transformation by Spiral into a cyborg, each finger was replaced by a 12-inches adamantium claw. Apart from her indestructible skeleton, her claws are capable of slicing through any substance except adamantium itself (if you watch the 1990s X-men cartoon, in some episodes you will see her slicing through many substances).

She could also use her new fingers to interact with computers and inputting data directly to her brain. Her preferred mode of killing is subtle and in stealth similar to that of a highly trained assassin.

However, all good warriors have their weaknesses. She is mentally unstable and emotionally disturbed that affects her overall effectiveness. This was further worsened when she was transformed into a cyborg.

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Her Likes:

Her personal life mission is to stop at nothing to committing mass murder, panic and chaos unto the lives of others especially to those who stands in her way. She also wishes to continue her father's legacy and wants to rediscover the process of merging adamantium with the human bone.

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