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Code Name: Lady V

Your Gender: Female

Country: Singapore

Her Superpowers:
I would morphing skills similar Mystique and be able to control nature at will even if it means covering the whole earth in snow. The ability to teleport to anywhere in the world almost instantly even if i have not been to my destination before.

Her Role:
Loner and someone who is not involved in any forms of politics. She helps whoever she wishes to and always adhering to her own set of principles developed based on past experiences along her own journey. She refuses to join politics or be committed to a group due to her need for absolute freedom.
Tell us a bit about yourself:
My code name is fairly simple and that's what i like about it. My superpowers are a mix of Nightcrawler, Storm and Mystique. This character has a slight resemblance to my personality, where i am generally not too concerned about politics and how i seek freedom from the commitments in my life. I find it tough to be able to walk away from everything you know and i greatly admire the courage of those who had to go through similar circumstances.

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