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Code Name: Lioness/Nadia

Your Gender: Female

Country: United States

Her Superpowers:
My powers are similar to those of Jean Grey. Both of us are have the "Phoenix Force", but I have more control over it allowing me to use it for longer perods of time, plus it can't take over me like it did with Jean. The other power we both share is telepathic. I can also turn invisible and throw up a forcefield which nothing can get through.

Her Role:
Team member & Logan Lover
Tell us a bit about yourself:

I choose Lioness because although my charater, like me, can act childish for her age, she's protective of the people she cares about like a mother lion is with her cubs. And because of that, she's exstremly protective of all the X-Men, but when it comes to Wolverine you better not get in her way. I put Nadia in there because most don't use her codename they use her real name. As for Magneto and his group, she hates them.

Magneto was the one that found her after discovering that with training she would become unstopable. Under Xavier's order, Logan trained her and they became exstremly close. So close that she came to love him. Because Logan trained her, Xavier gave her a pair of leather arm guards that house her own set of claws. She has long black hair and brown eyes that turn black when she uses the full power of the "Phoenix Force".

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