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Brief History
Why love old issues of the Uncanny X-men?

My Say:

Before you start reading, this article is discussing why I love old issues of the Uncanny X-men – read brief history below. And why you should also appreciate and love them as well – Like myself!

My interests in X-men comics started since I was a kid, I practically grew up glued to my television set whenever the X-men cartoon came on.

I am assuming you have at least a little interest in the X-men, since you’re reading this now! =)

Alright, you got me! I am really old school. No doubt, the newer issues have better paper quality, graphics, etc. But those were not the reasons why you love the X-men right?

It is the plot, the characters and the many adventures that really got you hooked didn’t they?

I encouraged some of my friends to start reading and now they also love old issues of the Uncanny X-men. Before you doubt what I am saying, I am asking you to TRY reading at least a few pages.

There are so many reasons I can give to encourage you to buy the older copies of the X-men comics. The bottom line is that it’s definitely worth your time!

A good start is to get the “Marvel Masterworks the Uncanny X-men Volume 1”, which is a collection of 8 old issues from May 1975 onwards. And I think it’s great. But if you are unsure whether you might like it, I suggest that you buy one issue to try it out first.

I just want to proudly mention that I own a handful of old comics printed from 1987 onwards. I do not have a large collection at the moment, but slowly working towards that now (cash has always been an issue). All contributions are accepted! Geeky face

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Brief History of the Uncanny X-men:

The Uncanny X-men was first published in September 1963. In issue #142, the X-men were officially titled as the Uncanny X-men. They were formerly known as “The X-men” in year 1963. There have been many spin offs ever since their new title was a hit.

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Why love old issues of the Uncanny X-men? If you're:
  • an X-men fan -- I am sure you are or going to be!
  • a fan of the animated X-men series (1992-1997)
  • if you are a sucker for great adventures -- I am!
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