Magneto Movie Coming to the Big Screens

Can't seem to get enough of the X-men? Well, then you will be glad to know there is a Magneto movie coming your way soon in 2009 similar to the possible premier year of he Wolverine movie spin-off. So who will be the first, Magneto or Wolverine? Whatever it is, this is great for X-men fans!

In this movie, we will be learning about his history and background from year 1939 till 1955. If you are familiar with Magneto's history, then I am sure you will be able to easily follow the plot of the movie.

If not, I suggest that you read about his background first - click here to read about his background.

The scene will be in Auschwitz, where he spent most of his childhood days with his family. The movie will show he survives through this traumatic experience and hardship.

It will even include how Magneto meets Professor Charles Xavier commonly known as Professor X.

Due to his horrible encounter he had with humans at the Nazi's concentration camp, he has learned how cruel and unfeeling humans can turn out to be. Magneto will be hunting down those who had a part in torturing him and his family in Europe and Argentina. It will also show the process of Magneto becoming friends with Professor X and eventually turning into enemies.

So you must be wondering if this movie is dated back to 1935, who will be cast as the younger Magneto or Professor X? Well, the original actors of Magneto and Professor X.

X-men 3 Magneto Pic 1How? Special computer technology will be used to morph the faces of the old actors into their younger self by 25 years. Simply amazing! No makeup or special effects will be used, the only requirement from the actors are to give us a good movie and probably also attempt to sound younger.

Can you imagine how Magneto acted by Sir Ian Mckellen as shown on this picture can be 25 years younger?

So expectations will be high not only because it is an X-men movie franchise, but also because of the level of technology that is invested in this movie! There is absolutely a lot to look forward to in year 2009 and that is all the news I have about the Magneto movie so far.

This article will be updated with the latest news of the Magneto movie. Therefore, remember to look out for more updates!Let's get started

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