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Measurement Tips

Avoid Making Mistakes!

Here are some of the measuring tips that we have consolidated from past experiences of customers making mistakes in ordering their custom costume/jacket/pants. Follow these tips and you will be one step away from a costume/pants/jacket that truly fits you!

  1. Waist Cirumference - Customers tend to confuse waist circumference for measurement below the waist due to individual preference of wearing pants on their hips. In this situation, please provide both the hip circumference and waist circumference to allow better fitting of pants/jacket.
  2. Tummy Circumference - Customers with a tummy tend to provide measurement beneath the tummy. Please avoid doing that especially for jacket measurements, the jacket might not be able to zip up if you provide the measurement below the tummy.
  3. Jacket Length - Be sure to provide length from end of neck to desired length for jacket. Avoid providing length from shoulder to desired length of the jacket.

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