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Code Name: Metallic Tornado
Your Gender: Male
E-mail Address: j_rock4life@hotmail.com
Phone: 1 902 893 0588
Country: Canada
His Superpowers:
I would like to have Mystique's powers, you could be any one. I am not sure but I think she has their power too when she turns into them, so that would be cool. Or I would like to have Quicksliver, Polairs, and Scarlet Witch's powers all together.
His Role:
Leader of a team, Leader of the Combos. A group of mutants who were geneticlly created by combinding the powers of other mutants together.
Tell us a bit about yourself:
My codename came from my combo power(Polaris and Quicksliver).My powers are a little then theirs. I can bring almost anything I want, to me; be it a heart or even a block of gold. The down side is that everytime I use that power I get injured. My second power is speed! My top speed is the speed of sound.

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