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Code Name: Mini Juggernaut

Your Gender: Male

Country: Australia

His Superpowers:
I have always wanted tall,big and strong......but I am a small , stout person. I like to have Cain Marko's enchantment from touching the Cyotrak crystal, immortal as if you have a stuff or walk into worksite and get buried with rubble with some careless worker dropped from a height, I will walk out unharmed after shoving the rubble out of way to everyone's disbelief as had being normal being it would killed or injured critically.

His Role:
Undiscovered Mutant
Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a person who's like to be big enough and strong enough so I can help the society,different to Cain Marko who used his juggnaught powers to bully his step brother X professor and do evil in the eyes of society . Plus I Like the idea of of mentally making myself immortal and when I get moving I am unstoppable!!

So I made the costume: I liked the dark sinister part of the Ultimate x men juggernaught's helmet and amour. But like other Villains and heroes Cain Marko had his weakness.

When his helmet is removed he is susceptible to psychic and telepathic attacks......so he his helmet as It made out special enchanted metal that repels those psychic and telepathic attacks along his armor.

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