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Code Name: MissKitty

Your Gender: Female

Country: Australia

Her Superpowers:
Telepathy, Telekinesis & Super heel. I think having all of them put together would be soo awesome. Being able to read people's mind/Move thing's with your mind and heal super fast (Wolverine) would be sweeet!

Her Role:
Leader of a team
Tell us a bit about yourself:
I have chose Kitty because it is my nickname. MissKitty has long brown hair,Tan skin, She is about 5ft6 in height, 12E in breat and size 8-10 in pants. (: MissKitty is a sweet person and it takes her abit to get pissed off. But then she get pissed off she let's them know.

MissKitty speak's her mind (Let's you know what she is thinking) She is a person what hodes her emoticons. She is a person what love's to help people. She is more of a lover then a hater!

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