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Regarding Rogue's powers - Sage boosted her powers (in X-Treme X-Men when they are looking for Destiny's Diaries) so that she could access previously absorbed powers and use them at will.

Following the events of X-Men: Legacy, Rogue appears to be able to activate her powers at will, as opposed to them being constantly active, as demonstrated when she kisses Gambit without incident. Her inability to control her powers stemmed from mental blocks within her mind which formed each time she used her abilities, crippling the development of her powers from their nascent stage. When Professor Xavier removes the blocks, her powers are allowed to develop normally.

Rogue was one of the few comic book characters whose real name had never been revealed, until decades after her first appearance. This was a controversial topic for years.citation needed In the films X-Men, X2: X-Men United, and X-Men: The Last Stand, Rogue's real name is Marie. In the comics, her chosen name (according to X-Treme X-Men #31) is Anna Raven when her powers are inactive (Raven Darkholme is Mystique's name). The readers came close to finding out her name in X-Men #24 (when she was about to reveal it to Gambit on a date), but the Cajun stopped her before she could finish her sentence.

In the solo series of Going Rogue 7 (2004) it is established Rogue's name as Anna Marie. Rogue reaches back her childhood home of Caldecott County, where her surviving maternal aunt and the shamanistic incarnation of her mother repeatedly refer to her as "Anna Marie"; also Gambit ever calls her "Anna" instead of using the traditional "Rogue", and he also uses a complete name of "Anna Raven" asking for Rogue to the employee of some motel, although Raven in particular may not be an actual surname because of being related to Mystique's actual name from her later years with her.

Disregarding, Rogue finds actually being "Anna Marie" since her own birth from the absorbed memories of her aunt, who with Rogue's father fostered Rogue from an early age, since Rogue's mother had vanished from their home.

Rogue also acknowledges the name uttering: "(Anna Marie) Th-that's my name...," right after a shamanistic doppelgänger of Rogue mentions it, and later she utters: "I-It's me. Anna.", once finding back Gambit in the dream world.

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