more wolverine juice

by sandra
(elk grove usa)

Don't forget wolverine had a thing for jean grey in the movies and scott was peeved i swear they had a friendly rivalry thing going on.

Don't forget that victor is his brother (sabretooth) from the wolverine origins. He never lets his guard down and when he does he gets in trouble. In addition, his complete enemy is magneto who can control his body and sabretooth.

But he had a complete memory loss that emma frost tries to get back and speak of the devil wolverine thought she was untrustable

Rogue was found by wolverine and he thought of her as a daughter or as close to one as she can get.

He loves to smoke cigars and go to bars. He also tests his skill whenever he can no matter what fight he was in he will always wins and his memory was impared by the adamanitiam bullet that back stabbing Stryker put throught his head at the island

The only way he could survive the adamantiam process was his healing and he was originally just bone with bone claws the metal skeloton came later with the help of his origianl team for the government the special mutant team

He was in all of the wars. He had a wife that died but not windsong they lived in canada mountains

He has a love of motorcycles!!

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