My Absolute Fav X-Man!!!

For the longest time I'd only seen the X-men movies and I liked them ok, but this past year a housemate of mine introduced me to the X-men animated series (not Evolution, but the old one) and I'm totally a X-men fan. I have watched the entire animated series and (cause personally I don't think its as great its neat to see how they decided to portray some character) X-men Evolution. I am working my way (slowly due to school) through the comics, and reading info everywhere.

I have to say, that now having seen the old stuff, I don't like the movies as much. Mostly cause of the way some characters are portrayed terribly (ie: Storm, Halle Berry is so not an african godess weather witch!

I absolutely love Storm in the old cartoons with her over-drama speeches and the african accent). In the cartoons I loved that all the characters had distinctly different culture and many of them great accents.

Which takes us to Remi. I totally fell in love with his character. His cajun accent and french phrases, always calling people "cher" or "petit". Then theres the whole scandrel persona (I'd use the term rogue, but that doesn't really work here cause of Rogue), he's not a goody-goody x-men like Jean or Scott, but a guy with a past an dark secrets, and I've always had a thing for the mysterious thief type character. His powers are just freaking cool (beats Lazer eyes, or ice boy... the fact that Bobby made it into the movies above him, I don't even want to talk about that, grrr). He's even got a freaking Ranger's Staff (hi, ya, am a Babylon 5 fan ^_^ and yes I love Marcus (and for those who haven't seen Babylon 5, move on... no actually go watch it, its an awesome series and so well written, its got the depth of literary masterpiece, and... well this the time to rant about the awsomeness of b5) ANYWAY moving on back to x-men). As I was saying, Remi Lebeau was quick to become my favourite X-men.

I wasn't really interested in seeing the next x-men movie, Wolverine's cool and all, and sometimes kinda hot, but overall his character bugs me a little with the tough-guy-but-broken-inside thing and the whole Jean thing. (gah, she's not all that cool, and in the old series Jean and Scott are the wussiest superheros EVER.) I live him ok, but I think too many people think he's greatest thing ever, and besides wasn't he given enough to his character in the 3 movies???? (Think the origins of Magneto, the next one they are doing after that, is a worthy prequal though, and I think maybe it should have come first, all things considered).

Anyway wasn't all that interested in the movie til I found out Gambit is it. Now I'm entirely excited! I don't care all that much about wolverine's story, I've seen most of it already in the cartoons and Comics, but just to see Gambit on screen is going to have me out to the theatre, (and probally drooling over the character a bit, which is something I don't normally do, but honestly ITS REMI!!!!)

I'm just hoping they don't screw up his character (*narrows eyes* Or I'm wishing death to them all!). Three most import things: 1)His Eyes (if his eyes are not right i'll be mad for the whole movie and maybe write nasty letters to the producers), 2) His Cajun accent (THEY HAD BETTER GIVE HIM THAT ACCENT, AND HE HAD BETTER CALL SOMEONE "Cher"), 3)His staff (I'll be sad if he doesn't have it and it has to do the whole retracting thing), and of course his attitude, but thats kinda a given if they screw that up they all deserve to be fired from movie production for the rest of eternity and outcast by all!!!!

Ok so maybe I'm setting myself up for a disappointment, but I know other Gambit fans are with me :)

<3 Love for the Cajun!!!!

(The Swamp Rat Rules!!!!)

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Sep 08, 2008
Gambit Uproar
by: Lady V

I agree! If Gambit does not have that cajun accent, trademark staff and charged cards then it is not the Gambit we really want. Those are some of the factors that makes him Gambit!

What are your comments about the Storm character in the movies then? Any better than the Storm person in the cartoon?

Sep 07, 2008
2 out of 3
by: Anonymous

Based on his short appearance in the teaser he will have his eyes and his staff and the trademark cards... come on, if he didn't use the cards that'd be the biggest sin of all... He didn't say anything but I agree if there's no cajun accent the fans are going to storm the production studios and take over. As to Storm's persona- she annoyed me in the cartoons, she usually seemed to have a "holier-than-thou" attitude... except for the episode when we find out about her son... yes, I've been a fan since I was 9. :-)

Jul 25, 2008
Gambit In Wolverine Movie
by: Lady V

Wow, what a good and honest post! I second that Gambit should be getting more screen time and don't deny that the on-screen Wolverine can be a bit annoying because of the way he is being cast with the whole Jean Grey thing. Nonetheless, he is an important character in the X-men.

Back to Gambit, what can i say? He is a suave and charming character, who all the ladies seem to fall in love. I am thrilled that they included Gambit in the Wolverine movie, which i thought they should have had him in the first X-men movie. Oh well, better late than never i suppose. Cheers!

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