Nadia and the X-Men ver2.0 part 1

by Jessica

(Hey guys. For those of you who have read the other verson of Nadia and the X-Men this is the rewriteen verson. I changed somethings and cleaned it up. So please read and enjoy.)

Screaming filled the room as sixteen-year-old Nadia James bolted upright in her bed. Her foster parents, Julie and Brendan, burst through the door. Nadia was holding her head. She couldn’t hear what Julie and Brendan where saying, nor did she really care. She just wanted the pounding pain in her head to go away. The past week she had been getting similar headaches, but not like this.

Pushing Brendan aside, Nadia got up heading to the kitchen. She found the liquid Tylenol and dowsed the bottle. She leaned against the counter waiting for the Tylenol to kick in. Julie held the phone for Nadia to take, but she pushed it away. She could hear someone on the other line but couldn’t comprehend the voice or what was being said.

Soon the pain subsided and Nadia passed out.
Few months later Nadia lazily doodled in her notebook. Her mind was on two things: her boyfriend and mutants. She liked to think about what it would be like to be a mutant instead of doing her classwork. Oh what would her powers be? She was one of the few that would dare ask that question. She liked mutants and thought that they were the coolest things ever to walk on the planet.

Half in her own world, she didn't hear the sound of metal being ripped away from the brick walls of the school. Someone screamed and Nadia's mind was harshly pulled back into reality. Her eyes moved around wildly. Someone screaming in the middle of class wasn't exactly normal.

When her eyes fell on windows, she noticed that the windows were gone and that four figures, two males and two females, were coming in though the openings. The younger of the males she recognized. It was her boyfriend John Allardyce.
"Her." One of females pointed at Nadia.

"Grab her." Ordered the other male. He was much older than the others and carried some sort of helmet under in arm.

John walked over and grabbed her arm. "John!" Nadia tried to pull away with no luck. He ignored her attempts at freedom as he dragged her over to his companions. "Sorry Lioness." He said over his shoulder to Nadia who was ready to tear him to pieces.

"It's him! The mutant they talk about on TV! It's Magneto!" A boy stuttered.
Nadia rolled her eyes. She felt like saying, ’No duh. What other mutant would break into a school?’
Magneto smiled before exiting through the hole in the wall. "Blindfold her Pryo." He was talking to John.

Pryo blindfolded her with difficulty as she twisted away from him. She was yelling at him the whole time. When he did get the blindfold on, a harsh, burning scent filled her nostrils and she stated to slip into darkness. By the time they got her through the hole, she was completely out cold.

When Nadia came to, the blind fold was gone. A big male with a concrete helmet was carrying her. She lifted her arm to find that she was chained to Magneto.
She took in her surroundings. Single family houses lined the street. The mailbox out side the one they were standing in front of read 'Grey'.
"Forcing mutants to support you isn't like you Erik."

Nadia looked across the street. The voice had come from a bald man sitting in a wheelchair. He was flaked by two others. On one side was a female that had coffee colored skin and white hair that was cut short. On his other side was a male. He had dark brown hair that spiked at the sides and matching chops. Nadia had seen them before and knew all three were mutants.
“Surely you know that she’s as strong as Jean, if not more so Charles.” Magneto gave a little smile to the man in the wheelchair.

“Not when she doesn’t even know her own powers.” Charles looked at Nadia. They were talking about her.

“I’m a mutant?” Her tone held a bit of disgust. Charles nodded and her eyes lit up. “Cool!” The one carrying her put her down. She started to move toward Charles but was held back by the chain. She glared at it hoping it would metal away. It didn’t.

“I don’t think she’s going to take off.”
Magneto looked at Charles then at Nadia. “She is useless unless she knows her own power.” He moved his hand other his wrist and spread his fingers apart. As he did so the chain fell off. Nadia’s eyes widened just as everyone else’s did, except for Charles’.

“That’s quite a talent you got.”
“Talent? What I’d do?”
“You managed to turn invisible.”
“I did?” Nadia had unknowingly, for the first time, used one of the many powers she possessed.
Just as fast as she had ‘disappeared’ she ‘reappeared’.
Magneto put his hand on her shoulder. He started to talk but both went into a trance. It only lasted a couple of seconds but in that time Nadia saw Magneto’s whole childhood and his plans for her. Nadia took a step away from him.

“May I?” Charles offered his hand to Nadia. She looked at him with a confused expression. “Until you learn to focus on someone else’s mind, you’ll need to touch them to use your telepathic power.”
Nadia walked over and took Charles’ hand. She wanted to know what he thinking; what he knew about her.
“Just concentrate.”

It took a minute for her to figure out how do this but she got it. In an instant she had seen his school, all the mutants he had helped and the X-Men. She even found out that if she choose to, she could go to his school and learn how to control her powers. Charles had already decided that if she choose that path, the male that had accompanied him, Logan, would teach her how to fight so she could join the X-Men. What he knew and he had planed for her boggled her mind. Eventually she took a step back.

She thought about what he was offering her. She had always wanted to learn to fight and her was her chance. Plus she would learn to not just use her power, but to fight with them too.
“Looks better than what Magneto wants me to do.”
Charles smiled while Magneto more or less glared.
“Logan. I want you to look after Nadia till I’m done talking to Jean. And when we get back I want you take her into the danger room and start teaching her how to fight. She seems to have a strong interest in it.” He winked at Nadia.

“Erik.” He and Magneto entered the Grey house.
As Magneto put his helmet on he said something to Juggernaut, the male that had been carrying her. Once him and Charles were in the house Logan looked at Nadia. She unwillingly turned invisible. The white haired woman smiled. “It’s okay. He’s not going to hurt you.”

“I know.” Nadia reappeared. “Charles told me. Ororo. Storm.” Both females smiled. Logan sighed.
“He called you Nadia right.” His words made a question but it sounded like a statement. Nadia nodded. “Know anything ‘bout fighting?” She shook her head. Lie. “Can’t talk?”
“No. Yes. I don’t know.” She felt awkward. Logan looked at the house.

Nadia looked around a bit, looking for John, before deciding he wasn’t there and finding something to keep her busy. She focused on her hands as she tried to turn invisible.

After a couple of minutes the house started to shake. “I’m going in.” Logan said taking a step forward.

“Wait. The professor said he’d handle this. Besides, what about Nadia? You were told to look after her. ” Storm put her hand in front of Logan to stop him.

“She can turn invisible and go hide somewhere.” He didn’t like it but he stayed. Nadia watched them with a blank expression.
After a minute, Logan had had enough. “That’s it.” SNIKT! Three metal blades pierced through the flesh between his knuckles making Nadia jump.

He ran at Juggernaut while Storm made a tornado. Juggernaut through Logan through one of the front windows smashing it to pieces. Storm twirled with the tornado and took out two of the other mutants that had accompanied Magneto and slammed the third through another window. Once they were in the house Nadia saw very little of what happened. She did manage to see Logan get thrown around a little.

Suddenly Nadia got a sharp pain in her head like something was trying to push it’s way out of her. She watched the house raise off it’s land. She was in too much pain to even try and comprehend what was happening.

Just as suddenly as the house had risen, it fell throwing Logan and Storm out the last remaining windows, and the pain disappeared with the fall.

Nadia stumbled to where Logan and Storm were. Logan got up and dashed through the hole in the wall with Storm at his feet. Nadia followed slowly, holding her head. Logan fell to his knees when he saw Charles’ empty chair. Storm fell on top of him. Although Nadia hadn’t known Charles, she had been in his head and felt like she had known him for years.

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