nadia and the X-Men ver2.0 part 2

by Lioness

Nadia looked around with wide eyes as she, Logan, and Storm walked into Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters. She had seen it in Charles’ head but she still didn’t think it would really look like that. Storm called Rogue over. “Rogue this is Nadia James. Show her around.”

“She always like that?” Nadia asked as Rogue and her watched Storm walk briskly away.
“Ah think she just wants to get the professor’s funeral over and done with.”
“You southern?”
“From Mississippi. Ya’. You?”
“Let’s see. Malibu, New York, and Boston.”
Rogue smiled. “Int’resting combo.”
“Tell me ‘bout it”
“Sounds like you spent most your time in Boston.”
“Slight Boston accent. How’d ya’ know?”
“My boyfriend, Bobby, is from Quincy.”
“You’re kidding!” Nadia’s eyes widened.
Bobby Drake walked in the kitchen where the girls were talking. “You talkin’ ‘bout me?”
“You’re from Quincy?”
“I’m from Hingham.”
His eyes mimicked Nadia’s.
“We talkin’ about Beantown?” Logan leaned against the floor to ceiling cabinets.
“South of Beantown but ya’.”
“Out of all the places you could be from your both from Beantown.”

“Well not exactly. I spent most of my life in Hingham but I’m from New York and California if that makes sense.” Logan raised an eyebrow.
Nadia looked away.

“Come on.” Rogue lead Nadia out of the kitchen as she led Nadia around. Bobby went to shoot hoops with a friend leaving Logan. He joined up with Nadia once Rogue was done showing her around.
As he followed her around, he realized how much of a handful she was. Nadia never seemed to run out of energy.

One minute she was in her room the next she was trying to get in Charles’ office. When she was in the room, it didn’t feel so sad. She acted perky and hyper and always brought it into the room. Logan didn’t realize it was mostly and act.

When it was time for the funeral, Nadia stayed in her room. She didn’t feel like being around anyone. Hiding in her room, she picked up a pad of paper and a pencil; Peter had given both to her. His power was turning his body into organic steel. She started drawing a bunch of line and labeling them different colors.

After the funeral, Logan found her in the foyer. Nadia was looking at the intricate design on the floor.

“Logan.” Storm called from the stairs.
He looked up at her.
“Could you come here a minute?”
He sighed and made his way up the stairs. “What’s on your mind darlin’?”
“You know you don’t have to follow her around.”
“Keeps me busy. I was kinda told to watch her anyways.”

Logan looked over his shoulder to see Bobby and Peter Rasputin, also called Colossus, talking to Nadia. Bobby had a basketball in his hand. She agreed to shoot hoops with them and followed them to the court. Logan smiled at Storm before heading back down the stairs. He sat under a tree near the court.

Bobby, Peter, and Nadia smiled and laughed as they each tried to get the ball for themselves making Logan smile. Nadia, breathing hard, soon joined Logan.
“Having fun?”

She sat down next to him. She opened her mouth to say something but didn’t.
Logan followed her gaze to a bush. She was focused on something but he doubted it was the bush. “Nadia.”
She blinked. “What the?”

“Colonial Canada?”
“What are you talking about?”
“That’s the problem. I don’t know.” She shook her head. “It wasn’t colonial, but I know it was Canada.” She looked at Logan who had had no idea what she was talking about. “I saw a kid running through the woods during the night. He had a companion but I don’t know who he was.”

“When was this?”
“Just now. Late 1800’s! That what it was!”
Logan still had now idea what she was going on about. “Come again?”
“I think I was a small bit of your past. The boy had claws.” She looked down at her hands. “I think I just lost control of my power or it’s expanding.”

Logan thought for a moment. If she had just gone in his head, she was stronger than he had originally thought. Maybe she was they key that could give him his past.

He had been happy not knowing his past or so he thought. “Can you do that again?”
“I don’t know how I did it.”

Later that night Nadia was wondering around the school when she heard someone coming down the next hall. She quickened her pace. Something told her it was Rogue. “Where you going?” Nadia asked rounding the corner.

“To…the cure.” Over the last few days Rogue had quickly grown to trust Nadia like she had Logan.
Nadia leaned against the wall. “I ain’t gonna stop ya’.”

Rogue smiled. “Thanks Nad.”
Nadia shrugged. “I won’t tell Bobby.”
Rogue looked at Nadia then at her shoulder where Nadia’s hand was. “You should try it without touching.”

Nadia rolled her eyes. “Yeah when Logan starts training me and Charles’ rises from the dead.”
“He will. There’s been a lot going on.”
“Yeah. Okay.”

Logan rounded the corner and looked at girls. “Girl talk?”
“No.” Nadia started to walk away as Logan gently grabbed her shoulder.
“We start tomorrow.”
Nadia blinked then looked at Rogue who smiled. “Try.”

Nadia disappeared, slipped out of Logan’s grasp. She started down the hall then decided to listen to Logan and Rogue.

“Need a lift Kid?” Logan noticed her packed bag.
“Where you going?” He hadn’t heard her conversation with Nadia.
“You don’t know what it’s like to be afraid of your powers. Be afraid to get close to anybody.”
“Ya’. I do.”
“I want to be able to touch people Logan. A hug, a handshake, a kiss.”
“I hope you’re not doing this for some boy.”
Rogue looked at the floor.

“Look. If you wanna go than go. Just be sure it’s what you want.”
“Shouldn’t you be telling me to stay? To go up stairs and unpack?”

Logan shook his head. “I’m not your father, I’m your friend. Think about what I said Rogue.” He turned to walk away.
“Marie.” Rogue said after him.
He turned around smiling saying, “Marie.” Before continuing down the hall.

“Careful Rogue.”
Rogue looked down the adjoining hall as Nadia appeared. “Mar-”
“I know. A name’s a name. It doesn’t matter what your called. You will always be Rogue just like I’ll always be Toni.” Nadia smiled and headed down the hall.

Rogue wasn’t sure what the last part and had a feeling Nadia wasn’t going to tell her. She liked Nadia but had to admit she didn’t always make sense.

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