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Code Name: Optimist

Your Gender: Male

Country: Malaysia

His Superpowers:
Empowers the ability to make people experience happiness and see the lighter side of things telepathically. Enemies soon discover they are unable to follow on with their nefarious plans, ending up being contented and at times laughing uncontrollably, which makes it easier to incapacitate them.

As laughter is the best medicine, my healing factor is similar to that of Wolverine and because happiness makes people feel like floating, I have developed the ability of flight by using happy thoughts, much like Peter Pan. With more laughter and happiness around me, my strength also increases. So imagine if the world is peaceful and there is no anguish and sadness around, I could be the most powerful mutant in the whole world.

His Role:
Undiscovered Mutant
Tell us a bit about yourself:
The codename best describes my persona of an optimist, a person who sees anything in a lighter side, a person who can turn a disaster into a lighthearted situation. Legendary X-Men, Wolverine, has often told me not to ruin his reputation as people have often mistaken me for him and vice-versa.

He has even told me countless times not to ruin his reputation even though it's not my fault. Irony is the best joke of all, and it is just ironic that me and Wolverine are similar on the outside but our personalities are so on opposite extremes.

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