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I think it is very obvious that Psylocke is very patriotic and will definitely be the first one to stand out and risk her life just to serve her country.

That says a lot about someone, doesn't it? It is something very admirable because how many are willing to do that?

She also happens to be a very attractive woman and there is always something mysterious about her. It makes you want to know her better at least in my case.

Even after facing so many setbacks in her life such as losing her sight, she never did give up.

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She always got back on her feet very quickly and never dwell or blame anyone for the misfortunes that befall onto her.

She has such a strong determination, commitment and sense of loyalty towards her team members, which explains why everyone gets along easily with her.

Love her or hate her? Well, I am giving you an opportunity to voice out your comments! Did I miss out anything important and you wish to add it on or maybe you wish to share your Psylocke drawing? Share with everyone below …

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Basic Profile:
Code Name: Psylocke
Real Name: Elisabeth Glorianna "Betsy" Braddock
Other Alias: Betsy, Maripose Metal (also known as Mental Butterfly in English)
First Appearance: Captain Britain #8 - December 1976
Romance Partners:
  • Alex Summers (Havok) - Ex-lover
  • Tom Lennox - Ex-lover
  • Telepathic abilities
  • Telekinesis abilities
  • Mind Bolts
Team (Past & Current):
  • X-men - Current
  • S.T.R.I.K.E (British equivalent of SHIELD) - Past
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Brief History:

Psylocke also known as Betsy Braddock was borned and raised in Essex, England. Her father, Dr. James Braddock, was said to be another being from the other world and was sent to earth to look after the champion also known as Captain Britain.

Dr. James Braddock soon became a well-known researcher and married Elizabeth to be his wife.

After which, they had 3 children. Jamie Braddock is the oldest in the family and her twin brother, Brian Braddock, who is more commonly known as Captain Britain.

All of them had inherited their father's genes, which gives them superpowers but inactive until much later. Her parents were killed in an explosion at the laboratory in their Braddock Manor.

Her twin brother chose to serve his country as Captain Britain, whereas Psylocke chose to serve her country by being an undercover agent. In the day, she works as a model for popular New York and Milan magazines but at night she works under for S.T.R.I.K.E, which is similar to S.H.I.E.L.D.

When her brother ended his crusading days as Captain Britain, she was persuaded to take over his place. However, her days as Captain Britain were short-lived. The foes of her brother also known as Vixen and Slaymaster beat her until she was blind and she nearly lost her life.

But all is not lost! Her telepathic abilities makes up for her lost of sight and she decided to recuperate in Switzerland. She was then captured by another other-dimension creature called Mojo and her henchwoman called Spiral who is a cyborg.

Mojo was the one who dubbed her as Psylocke and she was the main star for the Wildways TV program. He fitted her with new artificial camera-like eyes that helped to restore her sight.

Sabretooth attacks Psylocke Fight

After which, she was rescued by a group of young teenagers also known as Prof. X's New Mutants and remained with them at the X-men headquarters at Westchester County in New York.

Once, when the X-men and the New Mutants were away on a mission, Sabretooth invaded the mansion.

Being the only one left in the mansion, she proved herself to be quick-witted and courageous enough to hold the deadly Sabretooth until Storm and Wolverine came back.

The X-men were definitely very impressed and that was when she officially became X-men Psylocke. In the end, she left the X-men with a few other members to search for Destiny's dairies, which contained a map of the human history for the next thousand years. While her team was in Spain, they were trapped and captured in the maze.

She engaged with the enemy known as Vargas and she lost. Vargas finished her off by piercing a spear through her abdomen, which killed her almost instantaneously.

Her death is a tremendous lost to the team; therefore, they have decided to complete their quest for the search of the dairies, so that her sacrifice would not be for nothing.

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She believed that freedom should not be something that should be taken for granted of and she felt that ever since she was abducted once. Psylocke had faced so many setbacks in her life such as losing her sight, etc, but she continued to fight on and never give up.

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Superpowers Limitations:

X-men Psylocke blasts at Wolverine Blast Out

Psylocke was originally a telepath meaning that she is able to share thoughts/feelings between different people without using our five senses such as sight, taste, hearing, smell and touch.

Then, she was comparable to the likes of other great telepath such as Prof. X, Jean Grey, etc. For example, she can injure anyone using her telepathic powers.

For example, she can direct strong psionic energy towards her enemy to injure or stun them. As I have discussed quite a bit of telepathy in Prof. X's biography, so if you are interested to learn more click here.

Psylocke's astral shape Astral Shape

Usually when she uses her powers, her energy is shown in the form of a butterfly. Also, her astral form is in the shape of a butterfly instead of the usual illusionary image of a physical body.

Other than that, she also had telekinesis abilities which mean that she is able to affect time, space, matter or energy without any physical means. She had telekinetic powers all thanks to the Phoenix (Jean Grey) during one of the battles against the Shadow King.

As she was an undercover agent, it is not surprising that she is also well-trained in hand-to-hand combat and is a master martial artist. She is skilled in Ninjutsu techniques and was also presumed as a ninja.

When she was blind and her sight was recovered using Mojo's bionic eyes, apparently her vision in the dark was also enhanced.

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Her Likes:

It is quite obvious that she loves her country and it is shown by the sacrifices she had made by being an undercover agent. She only stopped serving her country when she lost her sight during one of her battles.

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